Jumping Jacks

How do jumping jacks compare to other form of cardio. Such as rope and running. I find that they are a great warmup.

My wife got a fitness DVD that had all kinds of chapters and exercises that you would skip to based on what level of fitness you were supposed to be. Of course, my ego demanded I pick the highest level. Holy hell, that thing kicked my ass for my temerity.

The first element of the ass-kicking - doing 200 jumping jacks in 3 minutes. Yes, I know, that's more than one per second - you have to *fly* to finish it.

When I was done, let's just say I would not have been surprised if my heart had literally jumped out of my chest and started to run around in circles on the ground yiping like a puppy whose tail has just been stepped on....

they're great for knocking out a quick workout in an apartment or hotel or whatever. i do them all the time.

I'm not even sure I could move fast enough to do 200 jumping jacks in 3 minutes.

I'm sure burpees would give you a much more difficult workout.

My Friend Tony Blauer says Jumpimg Jacks are good for practicing to call for help when you need to be rescued by a helicopter.


dude, he knows kettlebells and does Crossfit!