just bought Maximum Greens....

at GNC, just bought a 12 package trial. Anybody used it before? I wanted to try light force, but this was at tha sto so I picked it up.

that was the worst shit I ever tasted in my life!

Has anyone tried the Greens Plus berry flavor?

Does it taste any less like ass as compared to other brands like lightforce?

Lightforce tastes like ass.

I think lightforce taste pretty good

"that was the worst shit I ever tasted in my life!"


If you'd WAITED, someone on here would have told you that, and spared you the suffering.

I drink the odwalla "superfood" juice that has the spirulina and all that green stuff, but they "mask" the flavor with strawberry, mango, apple, banana puree. Frickin delicious and addictive.

Spare yourself the gagging, and get an odwalla superfood, if you want the green stuff.

I called and my freind that works there (who had never tried it) is letting me bring it back.

Good thagefighter. I did the same thing as you before, and that stuff is just NASTY.

I don't know what brand it is, but the stuff I tried tasts like hell also. I finally gave up and threw it out. :-(