K-1 Beast 2004 results

Fight 8 (MMA rules): Alexey Ignashov def. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams by KO 0:22 R1


Next: Bob Sapp vs. Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar (MMA rules)

Fight 9 (MMA rules): Bob Sapp def. Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar by towel 5:00 R1

Sumiya injured his right foot. He's now 0-2 with both losses by injury.

This shitty event has ended. Thank goodness.

If I were in the situation I was a few years ago I'd buy it just for the 22 second KO by Ignashov, lol. Lucky for me I don't have the money to piss away on such a crapper of an event. lol

K1 MAX, my friends, K1 MAX.

Sumiya was beating TK before the injury too. what a shame. Was he beating sapp?

Glad to see steve williams lost, he was always suppose to be so tough in the wrestling business, I never liked his overly stiff style. Although I am a fan of shoot style wrestling, his style seemed wreckless in some cases that could injure his prowrestling oppponents seriously.

Also glad to hear lyoto had no trouble, I couldnt believe people I argued with who picked mcdonald over lyoto. THey must not have seen lyoto is a high ranking BJJ speacialist with excellent ground skills, mcdonald was not going to beat someone that experienced on the ground.

lmao.. dr death.. i remember his prowrestling match with keiji mutou where he took like seven shining wizards and in the end he gets up and says ONE MORE ONE MORE!! lmao. what a tool - he got knocked the fuk out in 22 seconds.. laff

guffaw.. chuckle. ..sigh....

Just finished the program, and here are some thoughts.

The Mongolian (I feel terrible for saying that, I wish I could remember his name) was easily controlling Sapp. He got the take in the first thirty seconds of the fight, and proceed to score good damage with big, looping punches on the ground. Sapp's guard game, surprise surprise, was shit-tastic. He also didn't do a very good job of defending shots on the ground. There was a scramble towards the end of the round but MW ended up on top til the end of the round. I was VERY disappointed to the see the fight end, as Sapp was again getting his ass handed to him.

Ignashov fucked Steve Williams up big time. The first knee absolutely CRUSHED into Steve's face, and after that, he just sort of staggered around, collecting knees from Ignashof. He never lost consciousness, but I don't think all the mice were running in the wheel in his head either. He was crawling around on the mat looking for a tag-out that wasn't there - it was just as well they stopped this one quick.

I can't think of much else to add - any questions? Pretty lame event all-around. Especially with some of the 'fighters' they brought in...

DemonClown is correct. My god Sapps ground game sux!! his "guard"(and I use that term as loosely as his legs) was really bad. He did try an arm lock but nothing came of it. Sorry, but after all this time with quality instruction what the fuck is he learning? definately not MMA.


The Mongolian (his name is too long to remember) did a good job of controlling Sapp, but Sapp was never in any danger. Sapp tried a rear naked near the end of the first rnd, but Sumi's body was at the wrong angle. Sumi's punches from Sapp's guard were ineffective, though he did poke/hit Sapp in the eye, which distressed Sapp. An OK first round, and Sapp's stamina was much improved.

Unfortnately the TV show didn't have Greco's match, in fact the only oher MMA match they had was Iggy's 20 second decimation.

It wasn't that bad of a show. K-1 Japan is a B level show, and should be viewed and appreciated as such. I felt it was an enjoyable enough 2 hours of free TV.

Ohh yeah, Sapp is down to 153kg now ...

I wonder if the guy actually gets much chance to train with all of his appearances?

He did try the arm lock, and could have actually gone somewhere with it (or at least tried for a sweep, or SOMETHING) but he was content to lay there and get pounded in the face. He didn't even try to get his arms out to stop the punches, nothin'.

Anyone who thinks Sapp can beat Fedor after this fight is absolutely INSANE. Sapp would go the way of the Goodridge with Fedor. It would be fucking BRUTAL.

Fedor would put Sapp into a cocoon of pain !

I thought that Sapp did an OK job of stiffling Sumi's punches. Not that they were very powerful ...

I dunno, I would have to take another look, it seemed like Sumi's punches were at least decent. The right one hit Sapp quite a bit, though. Although there was not much facial damage there...

And Sapp did try the RNC, but he didn't get his hooks in or have control, so...

Did anyone see or hear anything about at what time in the bout Sumi hurt his foot?

And I can't say as I noticed Sapp's new svelte figure :)

thanks for the results...

Wish I could have watched in on TV too... Where are you guys at?

Sumiya Dolgosuren can't buy a break (no pun) in MMA. 0-2, yet winning both matches at the time of the stoppages. Expect Sapp to face his brother, Sumo Champ Asahoryu, sometime later this year.

Details on the Lyoto fight ? How was his stand up against McDonald ?

Opening match between Boldbaatar and Ivan Salaverry interests me as well. Sounds like it was a good match.
Haluian Boldbataar, for those who don't know, is one of the top Judoka's in Asia. Recently defeated Olympic Gold and World Champ Kenzo Nakumura in a sport Judo contest. Boldbataar has not been able to make the transition to MMA thus far. Also has a loss to Pancrase fighter Osami Shibuya.

Dr. Death Steve Williams has no business in an MMA fight. None !

Sam Greco has always been one of my favorite K-1 fighters, however, a win over a big doufous Pro Wrestler like Gamlin says nothing.

Any more pics ?

I guess Mutoh's 8 (broken) knees aren't as good as Ignashov's one knee:). He really should have just did his Figure 4 instead.

Ninja, I don't think Doc was reackless but rather Giant Baba was telling him to work hard with his kids then, such as Kenta Kobashi.

Not to make an excuse for Doc (he's 44 in May, he should not be anywhere near a MMA ring, excpet maybe to corner someone ala Golodberg at Hammerhouse or do color. With so many of the 80s pro-wrestlers passing away before their time, I would not wanna see Doc added to that list), he just went though a week-long tour doing 20 min + matches for IWA Japan, less than a month after doing a tour of Guangzhou and Southern China. This is basically Inoki killing two birds with one stone; he got a jobber to build Ignashov to make him look better against Shinsuke Nakamura (if Shinsuke wins, he beat Cro Cop lite. If Shin loses, he lost to Cro Cop lite, ie another Wrestler Killer), and he got revenge on Doc for leaving his promotion for archrival promoter, Giant Baba's.

yeah, I posted them on the Dr Death KO'd thread