K-1 Beast 2004 results

So did Lyoto choke out McDonald in under 1 minute ?

McDonald HAS to learn how to stop takedowns,otherwise,why bother?A good wrestling coach,maybe?

It's kind of funny,but McDonald and I are in the same neighborhood.I told him about my buddy who's a former coach from Mongolian National FS team once I heard that he would be fighting MMA.

As well,the coach's sister was a classmate of Boldbaatar in U.B.

Hey when does Hoost fight Bonjasky???

RyanG:thanks for the results.

And LOL Evilyoshida once again trying to create a japanese idol. Lyoto was born in Nhaia State, Brazil and klived here all his life. His link with Japan is the fact that one of his relatives is Japanese.

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"His link with Japan is the fact that one of his relatives is Japanese."

His father is Japanese, right ?

He looks Asian to me. I know, he's of Brazilian nationality because he was born and raised there. His ethnicity looks Asian / Japanese to me.

At Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye, Lyoto was announced as "the last son of Antonio Inoki", and they were shown sparring together. He looked excellent in that fight.

Sam Greco's win by mata leão could be a harbringer of a new day in K-1. Maybe they'll keep matching up with ex-NFL guys and he'll bust out the triangulo next time. Hey, the Aussie-turned-Brazilian gimmick worked for Luke Beston, why not Greco?


wild celtic:obvioulsy Lyoto carry with him some aspect frm Asian ethnies(sp??)on his face since as is aid befor one of his relatives is Japaneses. As my meomry doesn't fail with me is his father who is alson a Seidokan Karate master.

But forgetting this stuff, Lyoto is tha shit!!!

Peace and''um grande abraço''

Bro Hymn is correct.

There's a Lyoto interview, where he mentions that his Japanese dad still teaches karate at the age of 56, at http://www.njpw.com/interviews/lyoto_1.shtml

Here's my favorite parts of the interview:

NJPW.com: Did you participate in any other sports? Soccer is very big in Brazil, right?
Lyoto: Never. I never cared about playing with balls.

NJPW.com: But you will go to the big Brazilian Carnivals with your friends?

Lyoto: No, I never liked the Carnivals because they make loud noises.



Lyoto's father is a reknowned Karate instructor in Brazil. Lyoto and his brothers are all from a traditional karate background. They practice Shotokan Karate, one of the more traditional styles.

Lyoto, prior to his MMA career, was a force in competition Karate on an international level. And yes, he competed in both Kata (forms) and Kumite (Fighting) at numerous events. He recently captured the Gold Medal in the Kumite competition at the Pan American games.

He fights out of a modified Karate stance (turned slightly to his side) as compared to a modern kickboxing stance.

Thanks Caninefang.

"Haluian Boldbataar, for those who don't know, is one of the top Judoka's in Asia. Recently defeated Olympic Gold and World Champ Kenzo Nakumura in a sport Judo contest."

That was in 1998, wasn't it? I guess that's recent :) I don't think he's placed internationally since then, though.

Boldbataar was also 5th in the 1996 Olympics.


I am interested in seeing that fight though.

Thanks to everyone for the info


LOL, now when I hear the fools saying how tough wrestling is, I'll mention Williams lasting more years in pro wresting than SECONDS he lasted in MMA.

Let Sumiyabazar rematch Sapp. Sumiyabazar sounds like he has some potential, and Sapp does not derserve a match with any of the top names in the sport. This "feud" is perfect for both of them.

I have nothing against Sapp; let the guy fight on these type of cards for good money. If he fights Fyodor his career might end and we are robbed of watching a better matchup.

I hope Dr. Death got a payday. Ignashov will be fun to watch in the future, but I can't think this last matchup even got him any decent MMA ring experience.

p.s. - Sumiyabazar's younger brother Asashoryu will not be fighting Sapp. Whoever said that is delusional. ;)

Yeah, I cannot see Asashoryu EVER fighting Sapp. There needs to be a rematch with Sumiyabazar before anything, I think. Then again, Sapp and reasonable matchmaking never go hand in hand, so he will probably be fighting Uno at the next K-1 show.

Doesn't sound like a "worked win"to me; Sumiyabazar has simply proven to be injury-prone.