K-1 MAX:any results???

"looks like kid is noing to fight kohi in the next k-1 max."

Awesome!! Imo, Kohi's weakest area is his hands, he better get busy with his feet.

"The Murahama used to fight in Deep and other MMA productions before going to K-1."

Murahama fought in K-1 back in '97, before he ever fought in MMA. He won the K-1 Featherweight Grand Prix, beating Kensaku Maeda & Kenichi Sato in the tournament. This tourney was pretty much a pre-cursor to K-1 MAX.

He's a good fighter, one of the best Japanese kickboxers in the K-1 MAX weight area. His problem is he's not focused on kickboxing, as he has been doing pro wrestling the past few years (As well as his select few MMA matches)....I think he's also naturally smaller than most of the other guys in K-1 MAX, but Kid Yamamoto is about the same size so that doesn't really matter.

Daimon's post is correct all over.

Polish no need for the shot gun.. kid knocked murahamas head off already...

it looks like Murahama has the worst genetics.

Small bone structure and still fat @ 145 lbs.

Kid looked ripped

The funny thing is...I remember back during one of the S-Cups about 96ish, Murahama came out wearing a Tiger Mask outfit and dominated his opponent. At that time, Murahama was QUITE well ripped and muscular, he looks to have let himself go a bit. JJgirl