Karl Gotch: The Mace

I can host videos now so I thought I'd share this:



Great clip!

Thanks. I will be trying to get more free sneak previews like this uploaded in the coming months!

Cool clip - very old school and effective - real strength.

I saw Minoru Suzuki in that clip. Was that last guy (long sweats, back to camera) a young Sakuraba ?

That is from Karl Gotch's Conditioning for Combat Sports II, great DVD along with volume I.


Very cool,damn that old man looks(obviously IS) strong.

"Very cool,damn that old man looks(obviously IS) strong."

He's alot older now. That clip was filmed probably close to 20 years ago.

And that "old man" is Karl "The Great" Gotch. 

Amazing stuff. I get motivated by seeing older guys workout like that. it reminds me that I'm not so old when I'm 33 and that there is no reason to start slowing down!

( LOL- I know WC)

This is a cool video of Gotch but I find the website to repel interested individuals in Catch Wrestling.
If you click on any link under "departments" you have to pay$ for a membership to get access to anything.

What is the principal of charging people to join a forum?
Catch isn't so exclusive that you don't want to nurture a burgeoning community of Catch fans and practitioners.

If you try to join the forum you have to pay$ for a membership.
If I want to read any of the articles, I have to pay$ for a membership.

When will people realize that drawing interest in your product or service doesn't mean you charge them to read an article?! Why would I punish someone because they want to learn more about Catch Wrestling?

Why not show some cool videos and let them read the great articles to pull people in?
If Catch wants to attract the grappling world they need to drop the elitist attitude somewhat until they acquire the elite.

Impressive - how much does that thing weigh? Seems like a great way to develop functional strength!

Glad you like it but let me ask you, are you a commie, lol? I am kidding...

If I didn't charge people, how would I afford to provide even these samples?

I mean, c'mon beyond the free samples, a subscription is only $89 a year, which is less than $7.42 a month! $7.42 is not really "elitist", bro.

That is less than 2 large Starbucks or 2 gallons of gas. Besides access to more videos and articles and forums, subscribers get 10% off all books and DVDs. I mean somebody earning only minimum wage can afford a membership.

We (people interest in Catch) have a great free forum here at MMA.TV where myself and several others strive to provide tons of free content for people like you that want to learn but aren't interested enough to support the growth of the movement with a minimal financial contribution. 

Anyway, it cost me a ton of money to build this site. I guess if I was as wealthy as you must be, I'd just pay for everything myself. Unfortunately I can't. :(

I don't even charge for the grappling school we have now... I guess it would be cool if everything in the world was free, no? lol


It weighs 10 kilos

It's a great site and worth the money. It's much better than paying $250 for a membership and ending up never getting anything (inside joke: was that out loud?).



Thanks Bill! (lol)

First, I am not criticizing your pricing structure. I think your pricing is great and is reasonable for what your providing. I also can see from your books that you have done extensive research on this and it shows with all the material and videos your providing.

However, I think charging people for reading articles, that would peak their interest and charging them to see old images of Catch Wrestlers is missing the principle of making a profit.

I believe that you would actually make more money by allowing people access to articles and images and then charge people for the forum access to see exclusive things that they won't get from the articles.

Your website is easy to navigate and it sounds like you have paid some good money to have it set up.

And I apologize if I came across as critical, I think you've done a great job and highlighting individuals like Gotch, Fujiwara, Schultz etc. is great.

The other thing I really enjoyed was the video clip of Gotch working out. that is what gets people excited and its cool to see him. I hope you plan on adding more clips like that. Pirelli

No worries and thanks for the advice. Check the Free Resources link in the left navigation menu and you can find some articles that are available to all.

Another good feature is that we know who is on the forums, no one hiding behind phony usernames ;^) Besides it being less than 24 cents a day for access and discounts, enterprising people can even MAKE $ by signing up and using the affiliate program, lol