kauai fighters dodging Bj's Boyz

what happened to the kauai boys kaeo and kyle we were supposed to be fighting them july 9th in hilo. all of a sudden no ones returning calls they dont want to fight anymore jd talked to them like 2 months ago and they said they were in now doesnt seem that way. i was going to fight kaeo and my teammate allan was going to fight kyle there's still time if they want to fight. cuz i know on the kauai site a while ago u were saying that ur boys wanted to fight and i even think had something about ridiculous money too.. we know there tough guys no doubt about it but thats the kind of fights we like to take so fill me in on why its not going down. oh well i guess we'll try next time around maybe should be a good card still yet but iwas preparing to fight a blackbelt jiu jitsu guy so its jus a little frustrating u know. now i gotta change my training depending when i find out who i'm fighting. n-e ways no disrespect intended jus like know whats up. aloha

ttt for the Kauai connection, Kanatoa!!

Sugar Shane!!!

Whats up?

It's Flex!

whats up flex! me and allan were supposed to be fighting these two kauai black belts the verbally agreed and now there not returning jd's calls so bj was like post'em on the internet that they fagged out. they kept calling jd for fight and when they got it nobody returns calls jus wanted to know what happened. so now i going fight bryson kamaka who fought at jay carter at 180 b4 he going meet me at 160 so jus scrap'em i guess. when u coming back down to hilo?

Damn Ali, is that why he was asking about Alan a while back? Maybe kanatoa will fill in and fight, after all he was calling me out for a fight this month a few mos back.

lol at this thread...Isn't this the same guys that fought awhile back and that there coach or them demanded that they get paid like 5000 a fight or something like that.. Man if you get a chance to fight on a top production you better take it and not make any excuses not to fight...better yet if you are good black belts. just hope they get another chance, cause usually things like this.. you dont get another chance...LOL
Hey mad tiger, you must be laughing at this thread!!!!

Here we go again!

ahh im just busting Kt's balls because he's a weirdo. IF the fights went down and IF I were a betting man, i'd bet on the kauai boys. That being said there tuff and would do well IF they were fully focused and chose to be.

I could hear the pidgen accent when I read the thread.

Anyways, that ttt for answers!

"ahh im just busting Kt's balls"-- Like always, MT bustin somebodys balls!! lol

So what seminar fri night? @ KGJJ? JJD $80 for 1/2 hr?


grabs popcorn... ;)

I was implying with a sarcastic overtone the thought of you doing an obviously over priced seminar on kauai on friday.... lol duh

who is mad tiger anyways? who does he train with?

gee I make a remark questioning your crazy idea that Super Brawl AND PRIDE were scouting 2 fighters with 0 fights and you have the audacity to try to "get back" at me by telling me how chitty I am grappling? How I got no skills? Sure im not the best but ive got more then a few medals, go tell all those guys i beat how shitty I am?

And all this I "heard" shit about me my bro? Wtf? He said she said? Grow up dude your like a 40 yr old fireman crying on the net all day.I dont want to be a part of that lame Kauai gossip shit i got better things to do. Like trolling the net to get guys like yourself to get there panties in a wad.

Bringing up Kala all the time, Ira? You think the boys on the N.shore dont go online?

And yes having a MMA site with a made up Martial arts hall of fame that inducts people that have no clue it even exists or were even told that they have been inducted qualifies you for a weirdo in my book for one thing.

Your probably right, we will never be friends, but let me do you a favor and warn you to watch what you type not just about me but about everything as your posts really dont do much to put hawaii/kauai in a good light.

Club fighter, Eric Goo at your service bro. btw- You friends with Champ?

"Mad Tiger, I am a weirdo but I have talked to a lot of people that used to train with you and I haven't heard too many nice things either." Must be the guy who's oil I checked.

putting butter on popcorn