Kazeka Muniz

Where is he teaching now?

It says knuckle up fitness in atlanta, but he isnt listed on their site.

Andre a question for you. When you inhale and pull your shoulder blades back, it naturally keeps your elbows from staying together. What is the correct way to finalize this choke...squeeze your elbows together or pull your shoulder blades back?

I squeeze my elbows for the choke, however, if I dont have it in really deep and my forearm is more across their throat then I arch my back and it becomes more of a wind choke than a blood choke.

LOL I had a copy of his old Panther VHS series of tapes.

I think he was a blue belt then.

didn't he hook up with Pop's Krasnoo's daughter?

 : ) 

He spent some time in VaBeach years ago when I was training at Linxx and his warm ups were insane. Lots of gymnastic and ninja movements.

Was a great jj instructor though.

You can shrug your shoulders rather than pull them back and still squeeze the elbows.

I remember he also had that JKD based "street fighting" series too.

Squeeze the elbows together, and take a big breath... that's all you need.


andre - It says knuckle up fitness in atlanta, but he isnt listed on their site.

He isn't in the ATL any more. KnuckleUp went bankrupt and was bought out by someone. He divested of some of the gyms and I think the CA gym that Kazeka was at was one of them. Never met him while he was here, but knew him by reputation.


didn't look like Gracie boys squeeze their elbows together but instead pull their shoulder blades back.

Make the space smaller how you want. It's just science.

The proper way is not to make the space smaller, but to increase the size of your opponent's neck.

Somehow that art has gotten "lost" along the way.

Shen, this is why you are widely known as the "mad scientist of jiu jitsu"

i think it depends on how long your arms are,i dont need to do much after i grab my bicep and get my hand behind his head

Thanks, I appreciate all the fine points I learn on this forum.

he's opening or now its open his academy in his hometown Palmdale,CA .

was he a blue or white belt when he made his original instructionals back in the day?

I remember when he first started going to brazil and training at Gracie Barra, I think he was the first American promoted by Carlos Gracie, says a lot about his skills.

Which Americans were first Gracie Barra Black Belts: Kazeka or Florian?

I would love to have seen Muniz's face after he found out what Rickson said about him (Muniz) using Rickson's name to sell his Panther BJJ tapes ;-)