keeping mouthguards clean

is there any way to do this effectively besides just rinsing it off and keeping it out in the open to air-dry?

mouthwash in a closed container. shake it around a bit and let it dry. good as new.

you mean i should do more besides pop it out of my mouth and throw it in the gym bag in it's side pocket?

LOL @ SwampRocker. Yeah man. That's what I do 85% of the time anyway.

I was trying to appear hygenic, but this is the UG and I should have known I'm not going to fool anyone!

Some guys I know keep them all the time in a tupperware container with mouthwash. Makes sense to me.

i do rinse it in water on occassion.

Some of those anti-septic spray bottles (used for sore throats) may work well for this application.

I also have a case that clips to my gym bag for my mouthguard. Let's it air dry a bit more instead of marinating in spit until I get around to cleaning it.

Drink a fifth of vodka with it in your mouth after training. I hear that's what Fedor does.

thankyou all.

All you need is any denture cleaner. Drop 1 tab in with mouth piece and warm water for 15 minutes. You would be suprised by how much crap will come off the mouth piece and how clean it will be.

BigDub is right. mouthwash in a closed container adn viola!!! clean mouff piece!

Some Guys at the Gym keep it in a small Tupperware with diluted Listerine.

Me...I just throw it down wherever. Usually find it under the Water Machine or some Gear. Slap it in and get going!!! I figure it has a protective bacterial Coating.

I've soaked mine in white vinegar or I just clean it with anti-bacterial soap and rinse it off good with water.

i do the Luke Cuomo method and piss on my mouthguard

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brush it off with a toothbrush and soak it in listerine...

let it sit overnight if you have to.

CavemanDave, is correct that is exactly what I do and it gives your mouth piece a good taste while sparring :)