Kellerman and ESPN not going well

Their are reports from a dallas paper that they are renegotiating and the negotiations aren't going well. Dana if he is released you should jump all over him with a exectuvie job, a commentator, anything. Max Kellerman is good for the sport, and he will bring more credibility to the table.

Depends if he'd be allowed to work UFC in addition to doing boxing for another network, cause there's no way Max would leave boxing.

Kellerman would be great for the UFC, especially when a weekly show comes around. I know he would demand big money, but he definitely would be worth it.

Peter P

Its also on teh Boston Globe. Thats why he has been taken off the air until they settle the contract dispute. So he wont be hosting Around the Horn until they renotiate.

i seriously doubt UFC is gonna be able to offer him more than ESPN would.

Someone make an "attn: Dana white thread" then we can "TTT" the hell out of it until he responds. Kellerman could have an impact on the mainstream push.

I hope Kellerman and ESPN reach a deal.

He is the one mainly responsible for getting UFC
interviews and weigh-ins on ESPN News. It's better for
the UFC for him to be on ESPN giving props to the UFC.

I agree with that too Zen although Id like to see him as part of the UFC he may be better served but ESPN has tight reigns over their

Around the Horn is horrible...but Kellerman is cool

ttt Around the Horn is awesome.


Kellerman and Rogan would kick much ass!!! That would be a great team to put together! Zuffa, Make it happen!!

around the horn f'n RULES.

That would be a good think for the UFC to look into Kellerman is good at what he does.

it would be best to have im on BOTH espn AND the ufc

it would be best to have im on BOTH espn AND the ufc

we talk twice a week. we will see what happens.


That would be a nice addition to the UFC telecasts. Hope it works out.

Get Kellerman, Dana, what a perfect match, instant credibility.