Kenny Florian Training Day

For all you training freaks...

Kenny Florian Training Day - 7/4/2007

*(Just Added!)*And an exclusive conversation with Florian:

Kenny Florian: "I am very, very hungry to fight" - 7/4/2007


We are proud to announce that Kevin Kearns, creator of “Burn with Kearns”, is the official strength and conditioning contributing consultant of Kevin will contribute with columns, pod casts and video features to give InsideFighting readers his expert advice and instruction on getting in shape for whatever challenge they are taking on next.

Now Kevin takes you inside Kenny Florian’s training for his UFC 73 bout with Alvin Robinson with an exclusive “Training Day” feature. Check out some of the exercises Kenny does to get into fight shape and read Kevin’s descriptions and explanations for why he is doing what he is doing. Enjoy! –Editor


That was a super cool article. thanks.


Glad you enjoyed it Devin, thanks for checking it out.

Thanks for the support Kirik. We've got to write up more Mass guys so you will keep these threads up

"Before his last fight UFC light weight Kenny Florian joked that he “might actually look like a fighter” this time around. Well, it turns out he wasn’t actually joking...The difference was the work Florian had been putting gin with coach Kevin Kearns. After losing a tough five round decision to Sean Sherk last October and suffering from debilitating back injuries dating back further, Florian handed over his strength, conditioning and nutrition coordination duties to Kearns. "

Very cool. I've been training with Kevin's protocols for several years now and have never felt better. And Kenny is definitely in the best shape of his life.

Cool comments SW. Kevin Kearns is the man.


God what a bad ass Florian is, too bad Sherk wanted no part of his sick K1 max level striking.

Their fight was a good one. Sherk did what he needed to do to win.

Kenny is so bad ass he takes himself down.

I truly laughed ouy loud with that comment stevek! I'm asuming that's Kenny's brother who is a key part of his training and strategy fashioning.

You have to be really fast to be able to do both the TD and the sprawl at the same time! He's like lightning!


Gotta love Kenny Florian.

He's truly a well rounded fighter.

Kearns is a step ahead in his field

Agreed on both counts

that conditioning Coach knows his stuff!!

Sure does Jason. Thanks for reading. Also, we just put up a full and exclusive conversation with Kenny Florian himself:

Kenny Florian: "I am very, very hungry to fight" - 7/4/2007

“My plan is sometime in 2008 to be able to go after whoever has the title."