Kermit Cintron MMAWeeklyRadio Wed

IBF Welterweight champion Kermit Cintron, who recently said he would gladly accept Dana White's challenge to come in and fight Sean Sherk, will be joining MMAWeekly Radio live at 9pm EST/6pm PST on Wednesday night.

Should be an interesting show for sure!

Get him on TUF show.

Good exposure for him, and he will be tooled easily.

Sherk -260 Cintron +220



That's surprising Joey.

Giving a lot of respect to the boxer. You really think his HS wrestling could keep Sherk off of him?

With MMA purses getting competitve -- a fight like this is eventually going to go down, so we won't have to speculate forever.

Should be interesting.

Don't feed the troll.

Sop PBF is a puss for "backing out" of a fight and Cintron is a troll for asking for the fight.

What exactly do you want ?

I'd let them start off laying the price on Sherk.  Boxing fans would bet with their hearts.  Number would create two way action and be less indicative of  who is going to win.  Though -260 is close to 75% chance mathmatically.   (Remember Sakara vs Lister.....planet bet Sakara...he was -200 in Vegas and I opened Lister around -220 or somethin offshore.  People bet Sakara....and his boxing STINKS)

You would have to take a few small things into consideration. Pressure ..............  Sean Sherk will be stepping into the Octagon against a guy that hits extremely hard, is extremely fast, and Sherk will be carry the weight of MMA's future  exitence and reputation on his shoulders.  Pretty tough task IMO.

Anyways, Sherks definitely the favorite to win...


Cintron actually wrestled junior college and got scholarship to some pretty decent universities but went with boxing

Sherk is the one who never wrestled past HS

Sherk. All fucking day.

Cintron knocks him out easily. Danas world is caving in on him.

Apart from being an extremely hard puncher, Cintron was also a very talented wrestler.

Not a cakewalk for Sherk by any means. another boxer can promote his next fight by pretending he wants to fight MMA and get MMA fans to watch him fight..then pull out, say he was just kidding or that the money isn't right.

If Cintron didn't have anything coming up, he would care less.

At least Ray Mercer has signed to fight an MMA match.

Thank you FearMir for the truth.....

If Cintron is doing this cause he thinks he'll get the same paycheck they'd offer Mayweather. He'd be crazy.

Cintron is a known wilter when pressured/hurt boxing. I can only imagine how he'd mentally fold after eating a Sherk doubleleg slam much less an elbow.

This boxer has 25 ko's in 27 wins. Only loss to a champion...Margarito.

With his boxing, wrestling skills, and extreme height advantage this could be problems for Sherk. Be careful what you wish for Sean and Dana. Kermit is a bad dude.

The pretty decent colleges that offered Citron wrestling scholarships were Wisconsin and Ohio St........

According the article in ADCC.....

I definitely believe that Citron would have alot of potential with those overall skills if he trained a year or two.

"Sherk is the one who never wrestled past HS"

Yes, except everyday in training.  When's the last time Cintron wrestled?  4 years ago? 

Cintron is defending his title on HBO on July 14, so it is likely that the better part of this is just an angle to grab some pub for the fight. Who knows though, maybe the guy is serious. He's definitely a good boxer. 27-1 with 25 knockouts against some pretty solid competition is nothing to sneeze at.

The way  MMA  fans and UFC  touting an overrated never was journeyman in Sakara, you'd think ppl would be on their knees to see an in his prime talent like Cintron in MMA, instead of  the boxing cans and retired has beens currently making a run at it thru K-1.