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I'd love to see him take MMA seriously and work his way up. He'd be really exiting to watch.

I wonder how much Cintron is making? If he knows top fighters are making more in MMA and he feels he could do well then that makes sense. Someone like Floyd would have no chance but if Cintron wrestled and boxed since he was young then that is a huge plus. Get into a grappling program and he could definitely be a top fighter in MMA in the next couple years.

Cintron is one of the few boxers who could make the transition to MMA. But taking on Sherk in his debut would be stupid.

Give him stevenson first.

Hey supercan your kinda a superdumbsh*t!

"Be careful what you wish for Sean and Dana. Kermit is a bad dude."

Where have you been the last week?

PBF talked sh*t......
Dana offered a fight....
PBF vs DLH (alot of people watched)......
PBF said he was Just Kidding & Sorry........
Now Kermit wants to fight MMA......

If Kermit was serious his manager would have contacted the UFC not the media**sh*t or get off the pot**

it would be better to have a better submission guy go up against a boxer instead, serra or gsp at 170, nog at hw?

Putting a boxer up against a wrestler like sherk means they only have to focus on learning how to sprawl and not so much submission defenses which makes sherk a much easier opponent for them.

missed the show..... what was said...?

klynn21...Don't fuck with me, dude. I'm a highly trained bad ass motherfucker! post was intelligent. Yours...typical KKM, 5-post, asshole.

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he backpeddled.  Said he's a fan and respects MMA.  weaksauce


Id favour Sherk, but a few solid years of full-time pro MMA training would make Cintron competitive.

"Get him on TUF show.
Good exposure for him, and he will be tooled easily."

yeah, i'm sure someone like wayne weems would own the world champion boxer/college wrestling standout

Cintron probably hasn't wrestled in years. Sherk does it everyday. Cintron didn't forget how, but you know he isn't as good as he was Back Then. Sherk would pound him into next week.

Is there anyone here that thinks Cintron would still be at the same level in wrestling...and even if he was do you think he'd be savvy enough to avoid a submission against the much larger Sherk?

Citron gets back to par with his wrestling in 3 months. That being said, he might or might not know anything about submissions. Most of the guys on my team knew the basics. Sherk isn't good for anybody's first fight.

This is just Cintron's way of promoting his next BOXING match that no one gives a shit about...

and Dana White was promoting his interest by having Sherk go to the big fight .. everyone is money motivated (suprise)

He'd be competitive, that's for sure.


Not saying that Sakara wasn't overrated, but isn't he also a BJJ blackbelt under the Noguiera brothers?

Sakara is not a black belt JJ player.