kettlebells and the arnold

well i bought a 36 lbs kb. did not get club bells probably will in future. Steve maxwell and mike mahler were realy helpfull. cant wait to horify people in the gym with it.
you know whats funny none of the supplement co. wanted to talk to me when iasked where the barry bond/ balco labs table was cause i heard they work. also what a joke sly stalone is selling supps. i bet know one else looks like him at 50 something. i heard he takes gh anavar sleeps in hyperberic oxy chamber. But he says he is a contender. oh wait he only takes supplemnts right.

lol about bringing own equipment to commercial gym to make up for a lacking gym. I wouldn't be surprised if signs at most commerical started popping up denying access with outside equipment (kb, cb, bumper plates, dip belts, etc) that the facility does not provide. Haven't seen it yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if it happened. I wouldn't like it, but I wouldn't be surprised since it's the "fitness" industry that would be threatened by such barbaric approaches to fitness rofl.

a guy at my old gym used to roll in whith chains and his own bar and other fun stuff. That guy ruled.

i witnessed the same thing at the gym over 6 yrs ago. chains, bands, a thick bar

Must be crazy to see someone else bring in crazy stuff to the gym!


I get funny looks at my gym just for turning up with a dipping belt

I was honestly trying to figure out what a whith chain is and what possible exercise benefits you'd get by rolling in it.

I was going to a Lifetime Fitness w/ one of those suitcases on wheels. I had it loaded w/ chains, boards, bands, squat briefs, chucks, dragging equipment,.. I also carried my homemade jumpstretch platform underneath my arm.

I bring chains, bands, dip belt, kettlebells, clubbells, boards (for board presses), a special cable attachment for pull-down abs, etc. It's pretty fun getting the weird looks.