Kevin Lee on McGregor 'he's a culture vulture'


isn't that a Prince song?

Conor already said he borrows from multiple cultures. This is a non issue. Kevin Lee is a hater

Is that sweater deal he's wearing considered cool these days with the cool kids? Is it "Fly"? Looks like something Barbara Streisand would wear.

There were no fucking racial comments ffs

Kevin Lee sounds like a white guy trying to be black 

"Kevin Lee sounds like a white guy trying to be black"

There's something weird about him. Dude has no bass in his voice. Trying too hard with the "I'm a fighter, but I still wear sophisticated glasses and designer shoes." deal. Maybe he really is a fancy lad.

Seems maybe smarter than the average fighter though. At least more articulate. Too bad he's kind of unlikable.

StankieEdgar - isn't that a Prince song?

nope not to my knowlege 

Says the guy in the trendy cardigan!

Kevin Lee certainly knows about being a culture vulture. First he was mimicking some 60s hippie now he's masquerading as some douchey hipster complete with cardigan and dorky eyeglasses. Wonder what style he'll misappropriate next.

I don't think he knows what a culture vulture is, the phrase already exists. It's people who visit museums on the weekend, east canopes at gallery launches and go to the opera. 

Stephen Urkel needs to stop trying to get his name in the press by talking shit about more successful fighters, it's getting old.


I find it ironic that all these fuckers are talking cultural appropriation.

If that's the case then they need to stop playing American football, basketball and baseball since they were created by white's and all the AA's now are playing it (using their retarded logic of course).

"People who annoy you."

  1. Whos kevin lee?

    2. Kevin Lee is a racist, " nothing better than young, black, and rich"

    3.he's committing culture appropriation by competing in MMA, sorry homo you barely saw black dudes fighting until less than 10 years ago.

Conor's a culture vulture?

Lee is wearing European brands

the racial tention is crazy its his opinion key word opinion

Mexican Janitor - Conor's a culture vulture?

Lee is wearing European brands
Word is he wears some replicas here and there, but the smart people do

He really believes that Conor wants to be like him?...