Khabib live reaction to Yan and O'malley decision

Dont forget the 2 judges that scored it for him


Judges hired by Dana .

This breaks it down very well. It was close but Yan got robbed

Yeah I was shocked when they gave it to O’Malley. Props to Sean for giving Yan a fight but he did not beat him

Judges decisions are pointless these days

True. O’Malley would have acted much more cockier and confident going into the decision and in his reaction afterwards if he truly thought he won. Sean looked just as shocked as the rest of us

Lol what?

Did the Russians pay off MMA media or what? Those guys scores are usually on target regarding close fights, I generally tend to agree what the majority of them think. Not all the time though.

I don’t wanna be that guy, but there is absolutely no way that literally every single member of the MMA media scored that fight for Yan in real life. Even if you argue Yan won, I really don’t see how you could give him all three rounds. I could see an argument for 29-28 for either guy, or a draw. I don’t really see a case for a 30-27 either way.

That fight was close so I find it unreal that not a single person scored it for Sean. I suspect some fuckery is afoot. Look at the verdict scorecard you posted, and focus on the first and third rounds. You put it in here like it’s some empirical proof that Yan should’ve gotten the nod, when it really just proves that fight was much closer than you’re admitting.


Very close fight, to be talking about robbery is peak bullshit. Some people saying worst robbery of all time are literally delusional.


Top 5 worst decision I’ve ever seen


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Now you’re just trolling because Yan is one of your butt buddies.

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On the scale of “right decision” “close decision” “razor thin decision” “bad decision” “robbery” scale I would say it is completely in the “bad decision” category and if closer to one or the other, closer to robbery than bad.


One of my friends I was watching with had $50 on Sean and even he said it was an awful decision

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Of course the vast majority of objective people would admit it’s a bad decision

Be interesting what try do with O’Malley next. He’s not ready for Sterling - maybe a rematch with Yan

Why is this division not that exciting ?

Hes also a Yan fanboy…he thinks Diaz won 4 rounds vs Condit too

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Don’t be fake news. Diaz 1 4 5 that’s 3 rounds to 2

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Sean v. Cory Sandhagen should be next

Lol…my bad

So who gets the next title shot? Has to be Chito or OMalley

Itll probably be CCC on the co main of a big card

Triple C is next. He said the only non title fight he would take is vs Holloway.


OMalley would sell more than CCC vs Aljo

I would rather see that fight but nobody gives a shit about CCC for whatever reason…we’ll see…Chito and Suga should run it back for the next shot

I want to see Cejudo vs Aljo is what I meant…bad English