Khabib: 'We don't have big stars in MMA' because too many champions 'cry' about their position

Khabib’s stardom was mostly based off of the Russian fanbase. Outside of that, I dont think he would be a star.


Khabib is not even a top 10 GOAT

Guys like Hendo & Wandy even blow him out of the water. Look at all the monsters these guys fought. Much Easier to go 29-0 when you fought a whole 4 top 10 fighters in your career.


I’ve always loved Wandy but you clearly didn’t watch back then.

He has fought some big names for sure but he also made a (very entertaining) career crushing a lot of cans and undersized guys in Pride.

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Every fighter talks about being the champ until they get to be the champ and they they only want to take “money fights” and avoid facing contenders.

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Except Israel

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This is ridiculous. The number 15 of the UFC LW division is far more skilled than any HW LHW MW. Just making it to the UFC LW top 10 in modern day MMA is already an accomplishment, let alone what Khabib did in it…

He doesn’t get to claim poiriers accomplishments as his own

I disagree. They say Khabib is one of the two most popular Muslim athletes on the planet. His fanbase extends well beyond Russia.


Anderson Silva got busted for juice, put on a disgusting display against maia and lost 7 out of 9 fights after USADA became involved with the UFC.

That guy is nowhere near GOAT status.


Oh I watched and I value fighting absolute killers for years in guys like Liddell, Cro-Cop, Hunt, Rampage, Fujita, Hendo, etc, etc.

Khabib has literally fought like 5-6 top 10 guys. (and a few of those wins were decisons) And won his belt off a decision win over Al Laquinta. His claim to fame is 3 big fights/wins and being lucky enough to have a bunch of easy wins prior to have his 29-0 then dip out.

Khabib is a great LW but clearly your a fanboy and not thinking clearly…


Learn to read fuckwit.

I never said Khabib crushed the world, I said Wand didn’t.

18-14 Fujita was not was not an absolute killer lol. He was a wrestler with a hard head.

You just have some weird biased rose coloured glasses on with the past.

Cheated on the weights in, his last 4 opponents is something,but still they werent top fighters, one dimensional, record build on cans

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Old silva or prime silva?

Nobody will take your comment serious