Khamzat vs. Pereira -- who would you pick?

For the love of God let khamzat atleast fight 1-2 fights in the division To see where he is at before talking about a titleshot


Still gunning…

What a moron. I didn’t know close wins at 170 earned you title shots at 185.


He knows it won’t happen. He’s just clout chasing

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He’s such a fucking fag. Great fighter but fag.


You wouldn’t say that to his face though

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Khamzat needs a handler like Brendon Schaub does.

Lets not forget that he was too scared to cut to 170 to fight Nate Diaz in his literal retirement fight.


You do realize that Khamzat would have put a very very brutal beat down on Nate right

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Absolutely… in the loss.

Yeah he was a heavy heavy favourote for sure, and still felt the need to try and give hinself a huge advantage by not making weight. Fact is he talks all this shit and didnt want to have to cut to 170 to fight a cardio fighter in a 5 rounder. facts.

GOATmaev would have made boy his son

Probably, was still too scared to come in at 170 though.

Unless AP has grappling skills that we haven’t seen. Any wrestler or bjj player that can manage to get him to the mat and not gas out will beat him.