Khan got robbed

 Start to fucking finish, what garbage 

Northside Strangler -  Start to fucking finish, what garbage 


LOL @ that decision.

Call the Police!

I hate Khan, and that was a fucking joke. Boxing isn't even a sport anymore

Great fight but Khan got robbed.

Boxing man cmon same shit different day Phone Post


Great fight, horrible reffing. Phone Post

That ref was riding his ass the entire fight. He was only admonishing Khan on every break...every tie up. Two Points?

Good decision.

Khan should learn to fight clean.

I had it 113-112 Khan, but the way it played out could see 113-112 Peterson.

Don't blame the judges for his loss, blame the ref.

robbed and jobbed. exceptional fight however, very exciting.

he was warned numerous times, I agree bad time to take a point off in the 12th..but Khan isn't special yet, stop calling Floyd out, he would destroy you..he can't fight on the inside, and couldn't keep separation..

Ref was full of shit.

Geat fight btw!

Pugilist82, you're right, the judges hands were tied after those points.

Depends how you score fights tbh. Khan clearly out landed Peterson, but Peterson was the aggressor and landed the better shots. The ref did seem to be a homer though.

The Khan camp will be desperate for a rematch and Peterson can pretty much name his price.

Peterson won the fight.

Khan should learn to fight clean.

Funny, the british commentators and analysts all thought it was a fair decision.

he didnt get robbed he lost a close fight