Kimbo's uppercut

This seems to be his go-to punch, even in his street fights. Why aren't uppercuts used more in MMA?
He used it coming in, in a non-clinch situation. You hardly see that in MMA.

Too bad it didn't land.

"Too bad it didn't land."

It caught a little bit of armpit.

Kimbo via armpit punch KO

note: Not to be confused with Lindland via armpit stank TKO


Would have been interesting to see how much damage Kimbo's uppercut would inflict if he hit the guy with it.

You wanna see a real mean uppercut look at Houston Alexander

Sure he did.

Thanks for the gif Heddy.

I guess so.

No, it was the paycheck that took him out.

looks like a paycheck fall to me!! Cantrell is watching and waiting for the forearm to land, smells fishy to me. Not calling it a work but Cantrell did not want to fight, the forearm/elbow doesn't SEEM to land that hard!

Lol@ "rocked homeboy's foundation." His head didn't snap up, legs didn't buckle and the elbow just grazed his ear...but, yeah you're right.

Either Cantrell was paid off to lose or he just showed up for a paycheck and is a complete pussy.

Kimbo will get wrecked if he ever fights anyone legit. Thats real talk homeboy.

thanks for the gif. that uppercut hit cantrell in the heart, thereby destroying it, which set up the tap.

Maybe Kimbo's next opponent will tap to a footstomp.
That wouldnt be any worse than this fight was.

"Maybe Kimbo's next opponent will tap to a footstomp"

Someone needs to start a poll.

My money is no the dreaded forearm choke or the Tom Erickson pimp strangle.

I thought it was a work too.

I had my dvr going and checked to see if the phantom elbow landed or even grazed Bo. From the camera angle behind Kimbo it looks like it did but then seeing the angle in the gif, it looks like a phantom elbow.



NO Heart + Paycheck = DIVE

Either way it was a bullshit fight.