Kimbo's uppercut

lol@"player hatin" and "homeboy".

right, Cantrell was a late replacement. It looks like he was in there for a paycheck to me. Probably not a work though.

looks like Kimbo wants to hurt him for real but he didn't succeed in that vid. That seems like a bullshit ending to me.

Personally I didn't look like he actually got hit with ANYTHING before he started tapping and got hit with a big punch on the ground.

Kimbo's uppercut hit his armpit, and his elbow didn't land. Bo went down and started tapping and then finally got hit.

Thats was pretty sad.

But eitherway TTT for Kimbo. Can't blame elite XC. Kimbo's only had 2 fights at this point. No reason to stick him in there against a really good fighter yet.

I actually hope they have him fight James Thompson next as some have suggested.

I've gone through the video of the fight frame by frame and Kimbo landed only five punches in the whole fight.

Kimbo punch #1 a right uppercut landing to the left armpit area of Cantrell.

Kimbo punch #2 a short left hook landing to the face of Cantrell.

Kimbo punch #3 an right elbow landing to the side of the head of Cantrell.

Kimbo punch #4 a looping overhand right to the back of Cantrells head.

Kimbo punch #5 was a left to the arm of the downed Cantrell (no pic).

such a weak tap...

The verdict is still obviously out on Kimbo but he definitely scared the sh*t out of Cantrell much like Tyson did to Spinks before knocking out Michael Spinks back in the day!

Bo Scamtrell, IMO.


Sad day for me really. I showed my wife the replay to see if I was missing something and she said "They're trying to make it like wrestling." :(

i don't know guys.. an elbow to the side of the head can rock someone's world

rjj was sleeping for like 10 mins when glen hit him above and behind the ear like that. who knows maybe flash ko & woke up on his face?

Exactly. You don't have to be hit hard behind the ear to get buzzed.

A lot of people cry 'phantom punch' who have never been hit in their life. Did BC fall apart and puss out, yes. But he got hit, and EVERYONE on this thread would have tapped if they got hit with that elbow.

I knew Cantrell was lost before Kimbo started punching. He looked terrified.

Right upper-cut to the sternum, left hook and right elbow = it's over! Cantrall said himself the upper-cut hit his body, he couldn't recover from that shot. That is the punch that done it for him.

No doubt there was an element of easy money for him but Kimbo worked hard in preparation and was throwing with real, mean intentions.

if i woke up to this i'd start tapping too

If Kimbo is so bad as to knock down a seasoned cage fighter with one upper cut to the armpit, then he needs to step up quickly to some real competition.

Paul Buentello, the world needs you.

Seriously, where did the red whelp over Bo's left eye come from? You could see it clearly when he comes up off the mat after it's stopped.

Elbow looked nasty. Getting hit there can really mess you up as to what is going on.

looked like a work to me

Thanks for those close-ups. Sometimes being cageside is worse than watching it on TV.

The red welp came from the hook IMHO. That elbow/forearm was nasty because it was right behind the ear.

I also think it was mental too. You gotta understand, the crowd went ape-wild for Kimbo all the while Bo was standing in the ring visibly nervous. Once Kimbo stuffed the first crappy takedown and started to throw with bad intentions, all of Bo's air went out of his sails. He was tapping before he even hit the floor.