Kind Wishes for SE7ENFOLD (UGer)

You may not know based on his chipper e-attitude, but a fellow forum member (SE7ENFOLD) has experienced some pretty scary things in the last couple of months that I can't even imagine experiencing myself (I'm such a pu$$y as it is). You'd have to ask him for exact details but to sum up his battle, he basically has a tumor on his spine and as a result has been paralyzed (paraplegic). He's been undergoing chemotherapy and a plethora of treatments, examinations, etc. We always seem to revel in misery (me at least) when the most trivial thing in our life occurs yet here you have a guy that's endured what many may consider "tragic", yet still perseveres. He comes on here and bullsh1ts with a sense of humor, etc. that even the most cynical poster can't help but admire. SE7ENFOLD, you are my new idol. You're truly courageous, imo.


ttt good luck

sheds tear

Really, no sarcasm......

I thank (Kirik)and everyone on the UG for giving me a place to go and escape the reality once in a while. This place gives me a ton of laughs, the trolls, the nuthuggers, the ROMOshops and all the links I get nailed with(gets me all the time).

Dealing with "real life" bullsh1ts, makes all the intrawebs poppycock hilarious. Y'know they say laughter is the best medicine, ....and UGers, you make me laugh(in a good way most of the time).

Again, Thanks.



I wish you the best, SE7ENFOLD!!...can you post an address for cards and stuff? Shirt size?

Truly Best Wishes .... now STFU KKM (LOL)

SE7ENFOLD, I hope you beat it like fedor beats a can



ttt Good luck to you man, hope it all turns out alright for you. Prayers are with you.


TTT for a real fighter...

My sis had a cancerous brain tumor, went through the surgery/chemo etc. and goes for scans every 4 months...I have been watching fights for as long as I can remember and I have never seen anything as badass as an 90 lb girl going into brain surgery without a tear and her hands not even shaking...

Se7enfold, you're part of a big network of badass fighters and there are a big group of people like me that sit back and cheer for you.


Wow guys/gals, Your responses have been very uplifting. Even after the already good news I got, your posts have made me feel even better. Honestly.

With as much support i have with friends and family, having "perfect starngers"(....Balki!!!!) offer up just as much support and good wishes means a whole lot.

Cards? Shirt? Quik, not nessisary, but gladly accepted. Size, XL(I'm tall, not bulky).


Brian B. (SE7ENFOLD)

1 Nottawasaga Drive


L0M 1B0

.....I'm speechless.....

TTT and God Bless


I think I might crank up the ol' juke box and throw on some "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" for my buddy SE7ENFOLD tonight.

SE7ENFOLD, you're the man, and an inspiration. Keep fighting bro.

Good luck man