King Mo wants to 'django' Tito Ortiz's ass

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                                King Mo wants to 'django' Tito Ortiz's ass

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                    <p>Muhammed Lawal or &#39;King Mo&#39; and Tito Ortiz are two of Bellator&#39;s most marketable fighters and coincidentally both are in the light heavyweight division. Both athletes are on two fight winning streaks in Bellator, and both are men who can promote a fight, so that is what King Mo wants to do next:</p>

"Now if you want some, you get some," Lawal said. "I'm just saying. You fought Bonnar and Bonnar has been gone for two years. That's fine. I'll Django your ass. Straight up, Django. I will bust your ass, straight up. I'm serious."

Ortiz, who had earlier indicated he'd be fine with fighting Lawal, brushed off Lawal's belligerence..

"Everyone wants to fight me," Ortiz said. "Get in line."

Lawal remained unimpressed.

"You ain't going to fight me, I know that," Lawal said. "You're going to be, ‘my neck, my back, my knee.'"

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We aren't exactly sure what King Mo means by 'django your ass', a reference  to the 2012 Blaxploitation film Django Unchained by director Quentin Tarantino.

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Delorian -

. Phone Post 3.0

I think Tito can take Mo out. Phone Post 3.0

I guess ever since Zimmerman Mexican dudes are considered white now. Phone Post 3.0

Tito is a shell of his former shelf..Tito could barely beat a sloppy Bonnar so..king Mo would wreck him now..

mo and rampage would destroy tito

i think tito knows

I assume to Django someone means to whip they ass like Django did to those plantation slave owners.

Dis racist! Tito is mexican, bro. He has nothing to do with ''Django''.

Tito got pretty quiet. He knows he has no business in cage with mo. In his prime he would have pounded him but not today Phone Post 3.0

It's quite obvious he means he will play Tito like a gypsy guitar...c'mon people

I once saw a film where Jenna had her ass Django'd. Phone Post

Underground Blog - "You ain't going to fight me, I know that," Lawal said. "You're going to be, ‘my neck, my back, my knee.'"

Anyone else think Mo was going to finish with a quote from this song instead?

blue please

Mo more than likely humbles Tito old country way Phone Post 3.0

He's gonna show Tito the magic of gypsy jazz. Phone Post 3.0

Mo makes Tito the House Nagger

for Porkchop:

More of that good ol racism from Lawal. Can't stand the guy, and his fighting style is boring. Lose, lose. Phone Post 3.0