King of the Cage June 9TH

Come check out KOTC at Soboba Casino in San Jacinto on June 9TH.

Thomas Kenney vs Thomas Denny

Eric Apple vs Cipi Gamino

Manny Tapia vs Del Hawkins

There will be at least 20 fights

If anyone needs tickets let me know


Yeah I know it was a long night but hopefully it wont rain in June


I want to fight in it.
How do I go about this?

go to their site and email them

thats a start


hahahaha.... Check out Manny "The Mangler" Tapia

Yeah that night sucked, I was going to throw down with JOker but the rain was out of control.

tickets are 50.00 and there will be at least 20 fights




TTT for the Kenny Denny rematch...

TTT for my boy Denny!!!!! One of my fav fighters!

Givem' hell Tom!

KOTC Fan of Tkotom and the Joker.Good luck!

4160(Ray), You guys were smart not to fight that night.At another show with less rain we saw a pretty bad ankle injury (Gabe Rivas) who was doing well before he started slipping around.Besides in those conditions it proves nothing......Peace

Hong kong phooey, Dont forget about the glad trashbag that I had on my head while rescuing people.P.S. thanks for cuddling with me in the cold, I still dont understand why the ring girls didn't join us,what were they thinking....Huh? P.S. I heard Joker and Ray squared off with squirt guns backstage in a draw....

Its not a rematch

I fought one of Denny's students about 4 years ago.

The fight conditions weren't the greatest in March I was there too in a foot of water


Yeah I know not fighting was the smart move but I trainned really hard for it, just disappointing and I know Joker was disappointed. I hope they give Joker his title fight sometime. Anyways i got a big fight may 12th in stockton against a big name guy, some of you may have heard of him....Nick Diaz. Should be a war.