King of the streets

Why cant these stupid fucks lay down mats? Someone is goinf to die from a brain bleed after getting ko’ed and smashing their head on the ground.


agreed but this is more entertaining than UFC because they come to finish

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The rumbling music at the start makes my pussy wet.

I like how they they let them use the fence however they want, and stop the fights sort of early

I’ve been watching Top Dog the last 2 days.

I think bare knuckle boxing is my new favorite sport.

BKFC and Top Dog


I haven’t seen a fight on the Top Dog channel I haven’t enjoyed yet.

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I have an MMA t shirt on, I had my jacket zipped up, I’m surprised the bouncers let him in.

I wasn’t aware eye gouging is within the “rules”, this is going to go downhill fast IMO. There’s always a risk of serious injury in fighting but what with the concrete floors and now eye gouging someone is going to get hurt badly, if they haven’t already.

I guess Olsen was within the rules but he seems like a shitty individual to say the least.

I saw that fight the other day and that guy is a poor representation of America.

I don’t like the rules if this is truly an anything goes fight league. First one to kick the nuts wins?

Top Dog is the better fight league in my opinion. They are getting bigger.

I like the idea of no holds or hits barred bare-knuckle fighting. It’s what made me a fan during the early days of UFC when it really was anything-goes. I’m ambivalent on eye gouging and biting. That can permanently maim a fighter, and we don’t want that as entertainment. On the other hand, I lived through the murders of JFK, his brother Bobby, Martin Luther King and just now the attempted murder of a Supreme Court justice and a congressman and candidate for governor of New York, plus countless terrorist attacks and school shootings. I would gouge out an eye or two if that’s what it takes to bring down an assassin, terrorist or school shooter. When I and my friends trained in our younger days, we trained with that in mind.
First one to kick the balls wins? Yup, and first one to smash his opponent’s jaw. Those are techniques that people usually recover from and should be part of the game of fighting.

I said it in another thread with this fight and I’ll say it here. If you don’t have a problem with dudes stomping another man’s head into concrete (like we’ve seen on KotS) I’m not sure why you’d have a problem with eye gouging. I mean there’s on foght on KotS where the dude stands on a guys neck and stomps his head while holding onto the cage, but eye gouges are too far??

But yeah, these dudes are going to get someone seriously hurt. Luckily for me I’m kind of a terrible person so I’ll keep watching and continue to be entertained.

I don’t remember, was Kerr called cheap for his chin to the eye technique?


I’ve been at the pub today, and they had a bouncer on, he reminded me of one of these kots guys, tattoos build demeanor it was all the same. Really friendly. Then he had to chuck my friend out because she was too drunk. Ha.

Checked my email today, they had sent me a nice link to share. Apologies kots I’ll check more often