"Klitschko, you're a bum"

"and you're sister Vitali too." - James Toney after making Rahman quit after 3 rounds. A healthy Toney would give the weak hearted Klitchkos fits.

Seriously...Shorty mcfly thinks he can hang with him? Shit...

 Klitschko would push his shit in, imo.

Toney is 5'9 no way he can hang with those brothers...there both 6'7 - 6'8

Toney would lure them in then take their hearts. Their long arms would become useless in the infighting especially with Toneys ability to roll and snap.

Bobby Lupo -  Toney would get embarassed by either Klit

hahahahaha...thats a good one

Toney had the potential to be one of the great middleweights of all time. I love his throw back style and his toughness, I am indeed a fan. He however ate homself out of being an all time great long ago. With the weakened state the Hvwt div is in now he still has enough to make things interesting.

Toney has never been embarrassed in the ring. Toney has never been hurt in the ring.

Both Klits have been hurt and embarrassed by lesser fighters than Toney.

 LOL @ made rahman quit.  Rahman had to stop bc of a blatant headbutt.  joke of a thread.

"A healthy Toney would give the weak hearted Klitchkos fits."

First of all, calling them weak hearted is beyond ridiculous and secondly - though Toney is amazing skill wise - a "healthy" Toney probably wouldn't be a heavyweight to begin with.

Would a 160-68lb Toney give those two brothers fits? Probably not

LOL @ Rock saying he couldnt see. He got rocked and didnt want to come back out for more. Dude pussed out. Kind of reminded me of Vitali.

 lol at people on here saying things like professional fighters "pussed out".

We'd have no idea, my friends

 ^ exactly

Got rocked? did you watch the fight? it was a headbutt

It was the straight right that made Rahman do the chicken dance and took away his will to fight.

Bobby Lupo -  Vitali had a serious injury and won every round before quitting

Yeah and he quit. Lots of fighters in that same situation would not have.


"Bobby Lupo - Toney would get embarassed by either Klit"
"hahahahaha...thats a good one."

It may be funny, but it is also true. Toney was decisively beat by Sam Peter in their second fight and looked less than impressive against Rahman the first time that they fought. Wladimir may not have the best chin in the world, but Toney damn sure wouldn't test it with his limited power.

"Toney has never been embarrassed in the ring."

Roy Jones certainly controlled and toyed with him for twelve rounds. He's also embarrassed himself many times with being so poorly conditioned.I'm not a fan of Wlad Klits either, but his overall size and cautiousness would easily earn him a clear cut points win (in Germany).

I was just gonna post this...Roy Jr. embarassed him. Taunting him with his arms wide and chin out, then when Toney tried to do the same thing Jones put him on his ass....that is embarassing.