Knee Operation

Just go my left knee ACL replaced Last Friday and according to the DR. it would be a walk in the park. For all those who have this done, it ain't so easy. The Doc said that operation in the AM and home early afternoon. This was true nice and easy and my knee felt no pain I even went to Denneys. He said that Saturday Sunday stay off it and Monday to work no problem. Saturday the pain kicked in and the Meds he gave me did nothing. They made me piss and I was back and forth to the bathroom. Sunday I decided to have a 1/2 gallon jar to piss in instead of getting up. I filled the thing 3 times just in the AM, I couldn't drink enough fluid to keep hydrated. The pain got worse and I couldn't eat or sleep. Monday rolls around and I have rehab in the early am and then to work (sitdown job). I am so de-hydrated causing an unreal Migraine and I am throwing up and can't eat and hardly drink anything. I make thru rehab but not to work. I spend the rest of the day trying to sleep and re-hydrate. The DR called and said just try to take in fluids. I can't sleep monday nite and make it into work Tuesday were I feel like Shit all day. My knee is on fire and I am heading home to ice it down as soon as possible. re-hab says to exercise 3-4x a day. I know I need to but since I ain't taking any pain meds it is difficult. I can now take the brace off and my knee looks mangled but feels better with less pressure while lying down. I hope this info helps anyone going into this type of knee op.

Walk in the park my ass.


On the bright side, had mine done 10 years ago and it works great.

I've had my acl replaced twice bro. Your doc is a quack! You shouldn't be on it doing anything for at least 3 weeks. You had better be on crutches. Take it slow man, you need to make sure you don't hurry it back. If you do that you won't let the acl heal and it will never be that strong and you will tear it again. You can take the brace off while you are lying around but make sure it is on when up moving around. Trust me man take it slow until you and your doc feel you are ready for rehab. Hope this helps you out. IT sounds like your doc is hurrying you along.

Was it a pateller tendon graft or hamstring?

Had both ACLs done. I was walking when I left the hospital thanks to my pharmacutical friends... After they wore off the fun began... It's a very tough road but well worth it!! My kness are awesome again and I have no regrets.

I feel you guys. I had reconstructive shoulder surgery back in December and that fool told me I'd be feeling ok 8 weeks later. Well...6 months later and I still feel kinda like crap and my body looks like crap after nearly a year of irregular exercising due to the shoulder.

It does help if you are younger though. I had extensive knee sugery when I was 24 and recovered pretty quickly. Now at 36 I felt like I was gonna die for about a month after the surgery.

Good luck in your recovery mikehfl.

Walking around after your ACL is reconstructed?


Get a new doctor ASAP.

I was on crutches for 3 weeks at least. But then again I did the patellar graft not the cadaver. From what I understand the cadaver is much less painfull but not as reliable.

I didn't do ANYTHING for 2 weeks except lay there hating life. "excersize" isn't what you should be doing. You should be working on range of movement only. Once phys therapy starts make sure those bozo's know the difference between closed-chain and open-chain excersizes. Take it fucking easy and don't even think about training again for 5 months minimum. More like 6.

Think about how shitty it would be to have to do that surgery twice because you couldn't let your leg heal properly the first time.

Yes!! I was walking but I did have brace on. They had me up the next day doing light rehab and progressed from there. "Get a new doctor asap." Why??? My knees are perfect! MY doctors were Norman Scott ( NY Knicks ) and Dr. Boblick (Denver Broncos), I think they know what they are doing. Certainly it wasn't a cake walk but they had me up right away... And it was a patella graft as well...

Of course I didn't hit the basketball courts right away but I was in an aggressive rehab program none the less... By the way, I didn't have them both done at the same time.

couldn't handle vicodines, i found it better to smoke a couple of joints. first time i smoked in years. doesn't have the bad affects of meds.

couldn't handle vicodines, i found it better to smoke a couple of joints. first time i smoked in years. doesn't have the bad affects of meds.

maybe thats why alot of people want to smoke pot for medical reasons.

You got a graft and was walking on it the next day, with no brace or anything? WTF, I think you better remember back, there is no way that could even happen. That is dangerous and ANY ortho. will tell you that. You could rip that fresh graft and everything else.

The graft takes around 6 weeks to fully heal. I have had right and left ACL's grafted. The hamstring graft has gone much better than the patellar tendon one.

Tapout10, I don't care what you are saying, I just had mine done for the second time in Feb. and I just started running and doing side to side schuffling last week. Granted my doc. has me taking it slower this time, this was my second on the same knee. My first time was in 2000 and I was on the bike in 3 weeks and doing other light rehab. Bro if you don't let it heal and make sure the screws set in you will have problems

if it walks like a duck

if it sounds like a duck

your doc IS a certified quack.

either that or he graduated at the bottom of his class.  wish you well.  it does take time - time to heal and time to rehab before you're back to any kind of normal routine.


You guys aren't reading anything I wrote... I DID have a brace, I was on meds, was in rehab right away. I didn't start rolling or anything crazy at all. All I said was that I was up on my feet right away and started rehab immediately. I suppose you know my knees better than myself... At night I was on a CMM Machine... I was a patella graft, it hurt like hell yes, but again, they had me UP AND MOVING right away. I'm not sure what you doubt about that. It doesn't make me a hero, it's just fact. I was supervised at all times and moved very cautiously. Had both knees done a few years apart. And yes I used crutches to help me walk when I left the hospital the next morning... So what am I missing??

"if it walks like a duck

if it sounds like a duck

your doc IS a certified quack.

either that or he graduated at the bottom of his class. wish you well. it does take time - time to heal and time to rehab before you're back to any kind of normal routine."

Another Genius..... I WASN"T back to normal right away... READ... JUST UP AND MOVING AND IN REHAB RIGHT AWAY.


Yeah Norman Scott was at the "bottom of his class." Whatever LOL.

hey dickhead - I wasn't even talking to you - I was responding to the person that started this thread - why don't you get your head out of your ass before jumping the gun.

every doc is not top notch and not everybody was the top of their class - not everybody will heal the same way - surgery on anything can be a bitch - hopefully we can help each other here, even if it's in a fucked up round about way.

later, ma. 

Had my ACL done the beginning of March.

No activity for the first week or so other than the CPM machine and hobbling to the bathroom on crutches. Lots of Jerry Springer. Hopefully, your doctor gave you a prescription for a CPM. Also, ice regularly.

No walking around without the brace until the 6th or 7th week after surgery (though I've heard that surgeons may differ in that regard).

It's far from a cake walk. But with intelligent rehab and hard work, you'll eventually be happy that you had it done. Best of luck to you.

It's been one month and five days and I'm walking without my brace. Have been since last Wed. What is this machine you guys keep talking about? I didn't have one for either of my knees. Is it the thing that makes you leg move back and forth? If so, I thought that was just for knee replacements, not grafts.