Kongo & Marrerro: BJJ proof

This fight is what happens when a striker with no BJJ training fights a wrestler with no BJJ training.

Probably one of the worst technical fights I've seen since the early days of the UFC.

There was one time where Kongo just fell back the minute he made contact with Marrerro. Kongo was sooooooo exposed.

very bad fight bjj wise

Very much like the early days. I think Kongo got exposed bad and Marrerro will be in trouble with someone who can defend a takedown and knows subs. Kongo found a home for the roundhouse to the thigh but kept going with the girly looking inside leg kick.

wierdest post fight speech ever...

kongo's got a good look, but he doesn't look good.

Except that Mello does have BJJ training from a variety of Black and Brown belts. His corner wanted him to stay in side control or inside the guard.

kongo needs about a year of solid wrestling....and he'd be great....but dam the guy can't defend a takedown to save his life

I wonder if Kongo knows what a sprawl is?

Sad thing is, if Kongo got a KO, he was probably only a fight away from a
title shot.

I'm glad he didn't win then...he's got a LONG way to go before he's championship material!

"This fight is what happens when a striker with no BJJ training fights a wrestler with no BJJ training."

Was Kongo's problem getting mounted or tapped or getting taken down?

"The UFC nuthuggers had the balls to say Kongo would last with Fedor."

I don't recall any more than three people saying this, and they were dumbasses. Just like you. Every one of your posts suck.

everyone is so fast to rain on someones parade, first of all carmelo took this fight on a 3 week notice, he was at 215 when he got the call, he wasnt going to fight at heaveyweight, when they offered him kongo he said yes because it was a chance of a lifetime, he started to try and gain weight for the fight, he got to 224lbs, we knew how to beat this guy and he did just that, it might not have been the fight everyone wanted to see but he did just what he had to.and for his interview at the end he didnt even know were he was, he got dumped on his head and got a concussion in the second round, he fought the third round in a blur, he colapsed in the back and got rushed to the hospital, give the guy credit, he was a huge underdog came in and got the win!

ttt for a local guy - fuck the haters

Congrats Carmello!!!!!

everyone is talking about kongo losing how about marrero winning, call it what you want, remember he took this fight on 2 weeks, and is a 205 pound fighter, he accepted the fight because it was a chance of a lifetime, he got called by the ufc and stepped up, who else would have done that, give the guy credit for gods sake, his strenth and ability made kongo look terrible, kongo is a tough guy, carmelo made him look the way he did

(from maxfighting)
Cheick Kongo vs. Carmelo Marrero

1st round - Cheick lands some leg kicks, but this round stayed on the ground as Marrero took him down again and again. Carmelo landed knees to the body, elbows, and then punches to Kongo who was pushed up against the fence.

2nd round - Starts off the same way, with Kongo leg kicks and then a Marrero takedown. Pretty much the same as round one in that Marrero dominated the fight here and kept it on the ground.

3rd round - Marrero takes down Cheick after some work up against the fence by Kongo. They are stood up as they had been several times before in this fight. Marrero took Kongo down at will and at the end of this round, I had Carmelo winning all three rounds. The judges did not agree with me.

Winner: Carmelo Marrero by split decision

"This fight is what happens when a striker with no BJJ training fights a wrestler with no BJJ training"

More like a striker with no takedown defense and a wrestler with no submission or finishing skills. Yep, like a throwback from UFC 4. It was very painful to watch.


Melo can finish and has a ton more skills than he showed in his 1st UFC fight.

He had 2 weeks to get ready and was on his way to 205lbs when he got the call.

Not to mention the severe concussion he received during the fight...I'd say he did ok.

I think many would think differently if you were under him wondering how you got there.

Kongo has wrestled a lot and used to be quite good, but he has concentrated so much on striking the last few years (was supposed to get a shot in K1 at one point) that the rest of his game has suffered.