Koral Light Gi - Opinions

As the title says - would like to hear the opinions of anyone on here who's got one of the new Korals. Would especially like to hear from anyone who's in the 5'5"-5'6" and 140lbs region. Did you go for the A1, and if so, how's the fit?


Good gi. Not as big as some have said here. Sizing is normal.

 im 5'6 and normally in the 130-35 lb range.  i have a white mkm and ultralight and it seems like the ultra light top has a different cut to it.  the sleeves are a little shorter, skirt alot longer and the width of the sleeve seems a little bigger as well.  

as far as the pants go, the mkm length is a little shorter whereas my ultralight pants almost touch the ground.  other than that they pretty much feel the same.

Meatrokket - did you go for the A1 or the A0 in the Light?


i think if i bought an a0 the sleeves would look a karate gi

I tried it, trained in it...would never compete in it. 5'10, 215 lbs.

Super comfortable, very light, standard KORAL rubberized pants. Yes, sleeves are a bit shorter, but stretch a lot during training; and skirt is a bit longer.

Excellent gi for training, training in hot weather and developing good habits like not letting anyone establishing good grip. Because if one does, it's hard to get rid of it. The standard thick KORAL's color and super light thin fabric makes a dangerous combination. If one establishes the grip it's like holding a rope which is very easy to throw around your neck.

2.5 our of 5 stars - my opinion. Maybe for lighter guys it'll be better.

Cheers guys. Was thinking of picking one up to have for going away, would be quicker to dry and stick in a suitcase, but unsure of the fit as I've got a blue A1 Koral classic that's a bit too big and heavy for my taste (though strangely the white is a perfect cut and weight).


what is it about blue gis that makes them seem heavy???my gamness is the same way..

I am 5'5" and weigh 140 and got a Koral Light A1 (white). It is a perfect fit as long as I dont put it in the dryer (says preshrunk but never trust it). I wore this gi for the first time in class last night. I love it. Extremely comfortable and great for gyms like mine that are stuffy and hot.

HardCoreZen - Thanks for the info. Although you say it's a perfect fit, would you describe it as a baggy or slim cut?


Sir Taps - HardCoreZen - Thanks for the info. Although you say it's a perfect fit, would you describe it as a baggy or slim cut?


I'd say its more on the slimmer side but not uncomfortable or restricting. I am slim but my shoulders or wide and the jacket is still comfortable. The pants reach down to my lower ankles and barely skim the tops of my feet.

I work 10 minutes from Jiu Jitsu Progear so I had the luxury of going to their store and trying it on first.

Just got mine the other day.
Hands down the best gi i've ever worn.

Very light, very, very comfortable

lmao at thinking a gi is gonna save your neck. If you rely on a gi for added defense your gonna have problems sooner or later lol

I am 5"8, 135 lbs and have used Koral A1's in the MKM and classic.
Doubt I will buy another after going through four of them in under two years. At the high price tag, not sure my shitty standard of BJJ warrants the high pricing. I was very keen to try the lighter gi, but might decile now.

I am 5'7 160 lbs and like my A1 Koral lite.

Use it as my travel gi and competition gi if I can't make the last bit of weight.

Triangle semaj,

When you say that you've gone through 4 of them in under two years, do you mean that they've been worn out, or ripped?

That's quite a lot to go through in a short period of time, and (i'm in no way affiliated with Koral Kimonos) generally speaking, Koral have a reputation for being one of the better quality gi's on the market.

The new light Koral also has ripstop material in it, to prevent ripping...

I love my new Koral! I would recommend it to anyone.

I love Koral. They are a great company with a great product...i do not like the lightweight kimono though.  2 of my students have them and although they are VERY lightweight they are VERY easy to grab and get good grips on. 

Id rather lose an extra lb for a tournament and have a solid kimono that is tough to grab than have a light gi that i will be trying to break grips off of all day long.

its an opinion thing though. just my 2 cents

It's not for tournaments, IMO, but it's great for training in hot weather.

Scott Epstein - koral chaps coming soon..cant wait

Will they be assless?