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this is from his myspace blog about salaries.

UFC and boxing ppv dollars?
UFC Prez Dana White is always quick to pull out the "boxing promoters are crooked" line during his frequent discussions about boxing. I would argue that the UFC Czar is just as crooked.
Why did Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson only make about $500,000 for their recent UFC 72 showdown. UFC 72 did about 1 million pay per view buys at $40 a pop, Zuffa made 40 million alone in ppv dollars. Not to mention the live gate, over seas viewing rights, and sponsors that ponied up money for this fight. Why do UFC fighters get such a small piece of the pie in a sport that's supposedly on the upswing? With the rise in of popularity of the UFC why aren't their fighters paid MUCH more.
I'm not saying there aren't boxing promoters that don't short change their fighters, but boxers can make alot more money over a career than a UFC fighter can. Shannon Briggs was paid 1.8 million for his meaningless title defense against Sultan Ibragimov last weekend. GO ahead UFC fans, defend your boy Dana White.

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Nice try, as demand for the sport builds up so should the fighters salaries. I'm not buying that one. Zuffa is keeping as much as they can of the 100 million they made for UFC 72. They should be ashamed paying two of their top fighters $500,000.

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White and the UFC basically want to pay the fighters like a third rate sport but at the same time want to claim to be a legitimate sport. The average UFC fighter doesn't even make a middle class living it is ridiculous. Even the elite MMA fighters are way behind other professional sports.
White wants to say that Mayweather wouldn't make it in the UFC and he is right Mayweather wouldn't step in the UFC ring for the peanuts they pay. Why would he take about 1/20th of his normal pay?

UFC fans are in serious denial about this issues. They will say things like well athletes shouldn't make that kind of money. Well somebody is making it so why should it all go to the promoters? Or they will say that it takes time but again the revenues MMA is generating is huge so it is a matter of changing the structure not time.

UFC fighters need some kind of union to make a larger share of the pie since it is the fighter that literally rolls the dice with his future health and even his life not the promoters.

Who is this again?

Kos wrote this?

Not Koscheck.

Kos is a disgrace!

Until I see a link or a source I'm going to consider this thread a troll.

"Shannon Briggs was paid 1.8 million for his meaningless title defense against Sultan Ibragimov last weekend. GO ahead UFC fans, defend your boy Dana White."

So because some promoter is stupid enough to pay a bum like Briggs that kind of money dana and every mma promoter should do so as well..........

Heres a little qick comparison for you. Alot of the auto workers who work(worked I should say) who are union and are employed by GM were making 40+ bucks an hour. And alot of them not worth half that, so just because GM overpayed people maybe everyone should?

Keep in mind toyota is out selling GM, and is a NO UNION company, yet oddly enough plenty of people work for them and alot of folks like them as an employer alot. The workers are happier in general, make a better product and are happy with their pay.

SO what's the trouble again?

He's 100% correct.

Somehow I do not see Josh Koscheck as having wrote this.

Sounds like bullshit. Koscheck has never shown that he is stupid and this would be shooting himself in the foot, true or not.

That is not in his myspace blog, I just checked.

Acid, paying briggs that much is STUPID, and is a very bad argument for MMA vs Boxer pay.

Compare Undercards of PPVs and see how great boxers get paid.

possibly from a imposter MySpace blog?

what theyre doing is making their money back.

are they turning a profit back yet?

as soon as the UFC truely becomes profitable im sure the fighter pay will go up. if not then thats cause for bitching.

oops i fucked up, its from his bulletin, not his blog.


kse: take a screen shot.

TTT for the fighters getting paid

100% correct.

Pay these hard working, dedicated athletes.

Dana and the Fertittas should be ashamed.

works just fine for me.