KOTC Canada - so you wanna fight!!

You know Rob, if Bill Mahood had come on to tout his fight team you
might have some sort of leg to stand on regarding your comments.

As it is he came on to offer a rare opportunity to some fighters who might
want to fight in a professional event. These opportunities are not easily
come by and, I am sure, are appreciated by the fighters.

Your comments were mean spirited, without provocation and hardly
pertinent to the post.

Bill Mahood does not need me to defend him, but I felt I had to show
some sort of solidarity in this.

Sled dog is a wise man.

You know "the rob" I dont think its a good idea for you to call my fighting abillity garbage. I also dont think its a very good idea for you to take shots at Bills managing capabillity. The only reason I say this is because if I ever see you at a fight, or out on the street walking your french poodle, I might just have to rip your fuckin face off with my elbows. fuckin little BITCH!! Dont say shit on the computer you wouldnt say to my face.

I know Chad to. can I get a fuck you to ?

how is PG fight club poorly managed?

maybe i missed this. but why does this concern you whatsoever? who gives a shit

lol as i said before

don't try to argue with idoits. they will just bring you to there level and win by experience

PG fighters are always prepared, willing, skilled and they put on a great show!! It's always a pleasure to have them in KOTC.

rob, maybe that's just a reflection of their take-any-fight attitude. PG doesn't duck anyone.

first, when was i puched by this girl? Never knew that happened. Unless she hits so hard I dont even remember. And getting my ass handed to me in the sk8park?? What the fuck are you talkin about? PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN!! And i dont think Chad really beat the shit out of me. Im not taking anythin away from his win but he only hit me like 4-5 unanswered shots, that shit dont bother me. Chad is a bro and we never had no beef. Me and you tho, we got madd beef now Ima fuck you up when I see you. I hope you been trainin cuz youll fuckin need it. how do you think you know so much shit about me. talkin about ppl in my class and shit. Your a fuckin herb. Get your fuckin facts straight before you go sayin shit. BITCH. My fuckin girlfriend could kick your ass!

its about time Kajan I have been waiting for you to get in this thread bro!

let the fun begin

hahaha rob you fuckin loser. You should come to King of the Cage Calgary on sept 29th. After my vitory I'll hop over the cage, rip off both of your arms and shove them up your ass sideways. Seriously tho, show up to KOTC and we will handle this you fuckin crumb.

Why, is she a chicken head?

Oh by the way have you seen the movie white men cant fight, starring you?

sound of crickets

White Men Can't Fight?? Dude that wasn't even funny.

"the head ring card girls is my girl."
That's funny.

I'm flying to KOTC.

Skipper love's Atlantic City!!!

Bill, do all your shows have a standard required set of medicals or does it vary by province?