Kumo Jiujitsu

Does anybody have any thoughts to offer on the grappling program at this club?

What are you talking about dude? Are you a confused little dude or something?

Confused little dude? Whatever partner. I was just wondering if there were any opinions about the level of grappling instruction at this club. The website is www.kumojiujitsu.com and it seems to be the only grappling club in the Pickering area. Has anybody heard of this club and how does it compare to other grappling clubs?

I went to that link and it said:

"We can't find "www.kumojiujitsu.com""

Your just a little confused dude. You know what dude... it's gonna be alright

Confusion is sooooooo overated because I like the pretty lights (hicup)

I just checked the site and it seems to be working fine. If anybody else out there knows anything about this club then any feedback would be appreciated. That is, anybody else who has something worth saying and not some little kid trying to draw me into some internet battle!!! Thanks.

i think that is darrell lafrance's club

i heard he has skills

hope that helps!

Thanks a lot SEXY P. Much appreciated. Does anybody know if these guys do vale tudo training or is it focussed on submission grappling (with no striking)? Are they known to compete?

Darrell is a great grappling teacher.

Why not just check him out! :)


Two dudes that used to train there now train at
Shah Franco's (and they still live in Pickering).

As far as i know they don't do Vale Tudo, just gi
grappling (Derrel's own style - Kumo).

Thanks guys. I'll follow your advice dantheman and go check it out. My work schedule makes it difficult to go club hunting so I thought I'd see what the local talent had to say before taking the time to go out. On the site the classes are later in the evening which works out better for me. The Shah Franco site doesn't seem to be opening up so I may have to look into it later to see their schedule. I was hoping to go to the new Rebellion location since I knew of Omar since the old Samurai Club days but their classes start at 7pm which is too early for me.

Shah Franco Martial Arts
(416) 256 9952

BJJ M-F 8:00 pm

There's also 12:00 noon BJJ class on M,W,F and Sat

That's great. Thanks for the info

Hey Caveman. I used to go to Darrell's club, and he does have skills and is a super nice guy. The facility is also really big with lots of mat space. The focus is mostly on grappling. However when I left, Darrell wasn't teaching so often (which is a shame). I do think that Mike (Darrell's senior student) is back there now, and he is good. If you are able to, you should also check out Shah's club as noted above. Awesome group of people there with world class instruction. I signed up at Shah's without a second thought after trying it once. Hope this helps.

Thanks Darb. It looks like they've lost a few students to Shah Franco's. While nobody has anything bad to say about them it sounds like people are leaving because the instruction is not what it used to be or something to that effect. From the site, I get the impression that it is more of a family club and not trying to pull in the hard core crowd. Since Kumo is more convenient location wise, I guess I could always train with them during the week and then try to come out to Shah's on the weekend to get beat up (at the risk of being called a confused little dude again). I imagine there must be a fee/class for visitors.

CaptainCaveman you have no idea who Not Lettuce is and thats what is funny about your comments. He's one of the best competitors in BJJ/Grappling in the province and Canada. And thats what makes it funny as he knows his stuff better than anyone. If you knew the forum then you'd get everyone's humor or dry sense of wit.

Wiley. Thanks for letting me in on the joke. So let me guess, he trains at Shah Franco's and everybody has been trying to steer me there to get my ass kicked. If I can take another guess, he must have known about Kumo Jiujitsu all along and was messing with me or better yet he is the head instructor there. Anyway, since I'm new to this forum, I'm glad I started off by giving everybody a good laugh. I suppose Not Lettuce was right in the first place, I am a confused little dude.

No worries at all CaptainCaveman. Not Lettuce trains in Hamilton at Joslins and he's never been the type to call out people or use the forum to steer someone into harm. I know this personally as I train with him everyday. The forum is a place where we all just throw around funny stuff and make people say "HUH" whats that supposed to mean. He's actually like a Superman he's quite soft spoken, and mild mannered.

All that said, What I have seen of the guys from Shah's and know of them form tourney's, their a great team and like all BJJ clubs they must have a good atmosphere.

BJJ is not about harming someone. Everyday we put our trust in folks when we roll that they won't purposely harm someone. The techniques and moves can be harmful and lethal but the immediate trust and respect people have for each other in the club surpasses anyone wanting to harm another person. In fact its the opposite when an injury does occur everyone's bummed out and worried for the person.

Man just go to the clubs check them out and go where you think you'll learn the most and what the best availability is for your schedule, and best atmosphere. Talk with the guys and gals at the club and ask questions thats what there, there for. The thing with Shah's is they are a recognized BJJ club and there belts are recognized, and I am not sure about the other place.

btw Captain Caveman, I loved your cartoon!!!

Darrell is cool, check him out.