The L.A. UG get-together keeps getting pushed back and frankly I don't feel like paying full price for UFC 72 (especially given it will be broadcast so early). So should we do it then? I called Hollywood Billiards and they claim they'll be getting the noon broadcast, and if not that one, then a later one.

Check in if you'd be up for it. Again it's Saturday, June 16 at 12 pm


i will go for sure. sound fun. do they have beer there??

Nice newbluebelt. Not sure about beer, though, you might want to call about that: (323) 465-0115

cool idea Ruledoog, can I steal it for NJ??

newbluebelt don't listen to ptm2020 he's trolling you. Call and ask if they have beer

That's fine Larry David you can use the idea just don't expect to see the uber-celebs we will. Last time I was there I saw Ryan from The O.C.

RuleDogg.that doe not appear to be the right number. no problem though, i will take pmt2020's word for it. how much is admission?

lol newbluebelt it really is the number: http://www.hollywoodbilliards.com/contact.html

Anyway they do sell beer, pitchers, etc. I believe cover is $10 so that would be $40 less than what I'd otherwise pay for the HD PPV

im in, what time does it start????

Noon, unless they opt to present a later broadcast. If I hound them about a certain time (claiming to be bringing a bunch of UGers) then I'm guessing we could get that time confirmed sooner than later

^ which one? I'm not sure when the replays are, though I assume there will be...

capn don't make me threaten you!

In mother fuckers.....   I'm in.

Anyone else? So we can get them to order the PPV, I'll give them the UG headcount multiplied by about four or five...

u never know who you'll see in Tinseltown

Cali knows how 2 party

romo-friendly too

im in


no they don't capn