L-Glutamine is working

I recently started taking L-Glutamine. I was taking a long time to recover from my workouts. I would have to take two or three days off from cardio after heavy squats. I would be so sore I would walk funny. I started taking the L-Glutamine last Monday and did squats on Thursday. I woke up Friday expecting to be sore as hell, but I wasn't I was able to do some cardio. The next day I was good to go.

I benched yesterday and I'm really not very sore today. I have deads today, lets see how it goes.

Glutamine kicks ass. I take a bunch of supplements, but if I were to just pick one, it would be glutamine.

How much do you take? If you have had a long layoff from training, some people need as much as 20g/day the first couple of days then taper to 15g/day. But within a week or 2 of solid training you will usually (unless you had a really hard day) be only needing the typical 10g/day.

I take 3 grams a day in pill form. 1 pill 3 times at 7:30am, 12:00pm, and 7pm.

My Whey protein had 3.5 grams in each scoop. I drink two a day, one at 7:30am and another at 2pm.

So 10 grams a day.

you guys ever read up on oral digestion of glutamine?

not saying it doesnt work or anything but research shows that most of the glutamine is destroyed before entering the bloodstream that is why hospitals administer glutamine through an iv

I have never used glutamine.. i think its way too overpriced and i would rather just drink extra whey protein shakes..

not criticizing just curious what you guys think

Glutamine is really effective for me. Also, I consider Glutamine to be one of the more inexpensive supplements.

I bought a bottle of 120 caps for $10.00. $10.00 a month is not that much for me...


Now Glutamine 1000 Mg Cap - 120 Cap

I bought the cheapest I could find because I wasn't sure it would work.

I've been taking it for about 3 years now. I find it hard to comment on its ability to reduce soreness, etc.. because i don't have the ability to measure that kind of info, it's almost all subjective and could just be due to my body adapting to the workouts. I can say it has definitely kept me from getting sick. I used to get sick 2-3x a year and since taking it, I've had only one minor cold in the last 3 years. Whenever I feel a hint of anything, I double my dosage and by the next day I'm close to 100% again. I also make sure to take extra amounts when my girlfriend is sick (we live together)and it has kept me from catching whatever she's had. I even tried drinking from her cup, using her utensils, and kissing her when she was sick just to experiment and see how well glutamine worked, and I never got sick.

Also, my father is currently battling cancer and a doctor that specialized in diet for cancer patients recommended he take 20-30g a day.

Good luck to your father. Cancer sucks

Glutamine keeps me cold free also.

Might have to check out the glutamine.

Me too. I don't want to get sucked into spending a ton of money on supplements but this sounds very useful.

I've been taking it for about a month. I've noticed a considerable difference in my recovery time. From being sore for the next couple couple of days too not really being sore at all.

I just can't take it before I go to sleep. It keeps me up nearly all night. So, I switched to taking it before my workout.

sandyholt, thanks. Cancer does suck.

btw a friend of mine bought some glutamine from a local pharmacy and said he didn't notice any difference, then when he tried mine he said he did. I use AST L-Glutamine...it's pretty cheap at dps