LA Boxing--WTF?!

I'm not a fighter or looking to compete, just a guy that thought maybe it would be fun to incorporate some boxing into my workout. You know, improve some cardio, learn to throw a good punch etc.

I live in Vegas so I called the LA Boxing I have seen down by one of the malls to ask about membership prices since the websites say to call the individual gyms. The dude tells me that he doesnt give out prices over the phone and that I need to come down and talk to him or set up an appointment.

I mean, WTF is up with that? I'm a little skeptical of ANY business that operates that way. I mean, what, does the price vary once you get a look at me? You guys have any experienced with this franchise? Good bad or otherwise?

I work at the Dallas location and the reason we don't give out prices is because we have about 6 different membership plans. Your monthly fee differs for each program and is determined by the amount of time you sign up for. Plus from a sales point of view its better to get people in the gym so that you can show them what you have to offer rather than letting them make a decesion over the phone based on price alone.

Agreed - it's not that the price varies depending on your appearance, it's that they probably want a chance to sit and talk with you in person so they can better present their program. A lot of chain places operate this way.

I've been a member for years, though not in Vegas. Great place, and great experiences with them.

Oh I know exactely what you guys are talking about as far as a sales approach. I'm an MBA student and I know perfectly what they are trying to do. Which is why it pisses me off more than normal. You are more likely to be sold if you commit the time to travel down there, let them show you everything and tell you how great the program is, yada yada yada. I guess I just hate the salesman approach to ANYTHING really. I'm a grownup, just tell me the prices, if I need to see anything or have stuff explained further, I will ask.

Though you guys seem to speak pretty highly of it, maybe I will have to go look.

I don't think that we will tank considering that we have been around since 1992 and its not high pressure we show you what we have to offer and you decide bottom line, if you don't like it go train somewhere else. Anyone who joins a gym without meeting the instructors or seeing the facility is stupid.

Honestly, it isn't the cheapest place to train. If you just want a one day it's the highest, but then there are longer term memberships that lower the price.

The reason could be that over the phone it might sound very high, but if you go in and look at the equipment and all that the place has to offer it might change your mind or make it worth it.

Not the cheapest, but prolly still worth all the benefits.

Gyms do that so you get in and see the product...That way you are more inclined to pay however much it is...Every gym I've ever called has said the same thing

And they don't want to give away prices if Cho's TKD is calling...


Be careful I had a buddy told he could try it out for a 1 mos trial when he opted not to stay on with the membership he was told his card had been charged and pretty much nothing he could do about it. And without mentioning names that he wouldnt want to bring it up with the "boss" eiter lol

shady imho

mindspa24 that's just the way it done. I know that Gold's Gym does and I assume most handle it that way... basically it creates as situation for a more effective sales pitch. Unless you're already connected to the particular gym you'll likely be offered the least favorable deal upfront (which is just plain business), and from there you'll have to negotiate a better price if you want it. Some gyms are more flexible than others though. Ballpark what price ranges are fair first by talking to others who are members, figuring out what they're paying

"Anyone who joins a gym without meeting the instructors or seeing the facility is stupid."

Well duuuhhhhh!!!! I never said anything about joining sight unseen. Basically, I was just looking to see if it was something I could afford to do right now. i.e. does it fit in my budget? If I determined that it does, THEN I would take a closer look. And yes, LA Boxing won't be tanking anytime soon. They have been around for awhile, are pretty much the largest franchised boxing establishment, and are always opening in new locations it seems.

"Find an older boxing gym where they are hardcore and you will get better prices and better training."

Oh, I agree. However, I don't really want anything too hardcore since those guys are seriously training to fight. I just want some basic training. I would feel a bit out of place, kinda like when I went down to check out Cobra Kai.

they do it because they are going to charge what they think you will pay. if you go down there they will ask you where you work, etc, and judge from your appearence how badly they can rip you off.

if you go down there they will try to hustle you like a used car salesman, expect a lot of "i wouldn't normally offer this price but..." and "if you sign up today i can give you 30% off" etc.

its really pretty disgusting, but most medium to high end gyms do this.

And you are susceptible to Jedi mind tricks and can't go in without succumbing?

Well, from a business perspective, they figure if you're not willing to simply visit their gym to see it and talk about prices then you're likely not willing to be paying hundreds of dollars a year to join. Makes sense to me. Also, from a business perspective, it's stupid for them NOT to present the most expensive packages upfront as to leave it up to you to ask for a better offer. Obviously gyms aren't non-profit businesses, and you'd be surprised how many people accept the first offer their given.

RuleDogg--- Actually there is a certain sales technique whereby you give the customer the most expensive offer first. Let them be shocked and soak in the reality of it. Then when you give them a lesser option it seems so much more affordable by comparison that they are likely to take it. Either that or they take the first higher one. Either way, they win.

Oh I know mindspa24 I've studied their evil ways... pacing/leading, knowing safety zones, touch phrases, steps for handling objections, closing, etc. Every place will be different, but as a rule of thumb you should be able to get a better offer than the first you see.

mindspa24, dont got LA boxing they want u in the door so they could try and push it on u, research different gyms in ur area, if they are not willing to give prices over the phone then dont go...
Ive talked to a LA boxing owner and you want to talk about sell, sell, sell, ive asked him about who are your trainer all mostly MMA fighters up and comers teaching boxing, I was like WTF??

Mindspa24, City Boxing opened about a month ago on South Rainbow near I-215. You might want to check them out as well.


Yeah I noticed that too. WTF? Chuck Lidell is on their website. I mean I know the guy has a great punch, but he's not a pro boxer or anything. If I want to learn boxing, I want boxing instructors, BJJ from BJJ guys, etc.

Except they did list Gina Carano as one of the instructors, which I wouldnt mind meeting again. Grrrr...