LA Boxing--WTF?!

LA BOXING is getting into the MMA training curriculum. It's a great clean facility! However, it is pricey...u can tell by the areas they are located...I have no problems with their business tactics...if they are not upfront with the prices...u might as well mark it up as the most expensive place in the area. Which it seems u are not willing to pay.

That's just the way the business goes. Same thing everywhere else.

It's just like buying a car. A dealership salesman won't let u not test drive the car.

They have different plans. Month-to-month, yearly, and a 3-year plan. If you select one of these and do a monthly debit you pay a higher price than if you pay all at once. They also have different levels of personal training they sell. ( I think all prices are set by the corporate office.)

Chuck Liddell designed an MMA workout. It is an additional monthly charge to join his 'fight team'.

Check out their website, find the location nearest you and they should have the instructors credentials listed. Most boxing instructors are/were pro/am boxers.

You're going to get a great workout but you're not going to learn to be a good boxer unless you take a lot of private lessons.

Thanks deach, very helpful post. What WOULD be best to a) get a good workout, and b) also learn some good solid boxing basics (foundation)?

LA Boxing will give you those. but like every place you go, it's going to depend on the instructor. Also some classes are more popular - instructor, class, class time, etc. The smaller classes allow for more individual attention. You can sign up for a free class on-line or go in and talk to them and ask for a free week to try out the different classes they offer.

btw, I don't work for LA Boxing.

I teach jitz at LA boxing but im also a pro boxer Being a pro boxer does not qualify me to be a good instructor and im not when it comes to in albany and the boxing instructors are second to none. jerrick jones has some of the top amatuers in the world.but the coolest thing about the place in albany is tons of good looking women it makes you work harder than you would otherwise.You cant look like a wimp when you work out in front of women

oh yeah if any LA reps look at this I think the chuck lidell face on your page is a bad representation of what LA boxing provides.

"I'm a grownup, just tell me the prices, if I need to see anything or have stuff explained further, I will ask."

Picking a gym to train at is like picking out paper at the store--it is not a commodity buy. Spend the time and visit, if you enquired via phone, you are probably interested anyway.

If I ran a place like that, I'd invite people down to weed out the freaks I wouldn't want working out at my place.

mindspa24 - If you're in Vegas nd looking for a Boxing club go to Barry's Boxing, $25 a month I believe and I think thats unlimited. Check them out.

End of thread.

Oh yeah...good point...there are tons of good looking women at LABOXING...and it does make it harder to work out...


"You are more likely to be sold if you commit the time to travel down there, let them show you everything and tell you how great the program is, yada yada yada. I guess I just hate the salesman approach to ANYTHING really."

Well then you must hate life itself! Everything you do in life is a sale. From relationships and selling the girl that you are good enough to date to you and your opinions. Right now you are trying to sell the rest of us on your opinions by offering supporting facts and rubtting what others are saying. Dude! That's life. Deal with it! You're wasting minutes of your life talking shit about things that people deal with day to day on a regular basis. Do somthing more productive with yourself like looking for a different gym instead of complaining! Just a little tip.


I have no idea what jjay wrote.


You're bitching and whining is ghey!


"I have no idea what jjay wrote."

Go back to high school or maybe jr. high! You need to re-take some English classes!

Wow dude. You need to get laid and relax. Who the hell pulled your chain anyway? This thread was going along just fine until you decided to post your comments, not really contributing anything helpful at all.

I teach @ the LaBoxing in Roswell and our system is finally getting along after 3 weeks of being open.There are many prices to choose from and with that price you can train in all 3 workouts/sessions.
We teach the "famous" LaBoxing / Kickboxing workout and basic MMA.

I recommend Tiger Academy and Hardcore Gym if you want to learn excellent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I only teach basic grappling with Muay Thai for the MMa class.

No flying armbars here man. I can't even jump like that anymore.

We have a great facility on Holcomb Bridge exit 7 off of 400 in Roswell if you want to come and train....

Barrys boxing is a great choice !!! I am glad to see that place is still open with the fall of all the old school gyms in Vegas..Hell I remember training at Golden Gloves Gym back in 1993 and watching Vernon Forrest spar with his trainer Roger Mayweather...

go down to Cobra Kai and take boxing lessons with Uly Gomez. Uly is a top notch boxing instructor and a purple belt in BJJ. The boxing is included in the overall price. BEST VALUE in las vegas. BEST SCHOOL.

call up and tell them that you're a pro boxer.