Laimon vs Ryron results!

Laimon wins by points 7 to 2! I just got off the phone with Todd Margolis and he said that Laimon won by points! He was reffing a match at the time and had to go! Thats all I got!

booo yah!!! gi or not??

boo yah i said!!!!!! gi or not?


wasnt this NHB?

Anyone getting the online ppv?

it was some modified IGJJF rules, their point system, but it had a 30 minute time limit.

Pure water.

this is legit. Laimon 7-2. Ryron attempted lots of footlocks.

no-gi and I heard ryron showed up w/o the gi top.

ttt sreiter.

this was a submission match

that was a pain in da ass to see on the video .I already paid and now it says pay again ??I give up

who won the 4-man HW tournament??


Congrats to Laimon!!!



TTT Marc! you Da Man!
How about Joe stevenson ?Did he win the 4 man pro tourny?

How do I see the Web PPV? I've bought it, but when I go to the page to view it, I click on the "Watch the show" button, and it makes a click sound, but nothing happens!