Last fight VS Wander Braga

 good job Gabe!

 Thanks Vinni!

Great fight Gabe. Hey are you still with Bob Chaney? If so does he have any top muay thai fighters.


Nasty guillotine!


 Huge Props to PERKDOG!!!

It must suck to be Gabe, it doesnt matter what he does the rest of his career, he will always be remembered as a douche for his nonsense on the show

inf0 -  nicely done


Suprised Braga didn't pull out like he always done. Thank you for finally ending the supposed hype.

I forget where I read this, but think it applies here:

"Those that care don't matter, and those that matter don't care".

Congrats Gabe, great fight.


What'd you do to piss of Braga's corner?

nicely done, gabe.

fuck these newbs. cake is played out.

Nevermind the cake. Both fighters punched air for the whole fight. (imo)

congrats to Gabe.

 ThEUniT, Yeah, Mr Chaney has some up and coming talent. 2 guys who just fought in China and another who fought K1.

I agree the first rd was really boring. I was trying to connect , but not allow him to get a takedown. When I did connect though, It was done.

I flipped off Wanders corner because of his team flipping me off and screaming "F@ck you". Got caught up in the moment, so I needed to apologize. Wander is a great guy and I had and have a ton of respect for him.

Good job Gabe! Called Out looks like a pretty solid, professional promotion. Do you plan on fighting for them in the future? I'd like to see you get into Strikeforce. Some good fights to be made there with Fancypants, Evangelista and Huen. I think you'd be right there in the LW mix.