Lateral raise question ?

When doing a dumbell lateral raise, most people keep thier forearm 90 degress to their upper arm, like an "L" shape. When I first started training (20 years ago) people did lateral raises with their arm alonot straight out and the weight angled slightly forward. Which way is "right" and what is the advantage of the "L" position?

Rotator cuff

OCN, the 90 degree lateral was a birth from the stupid lateral machines that were created in the 80's. Having a slight elbow bend is fine (reduces stress on the elbow), but a straighter arm is better. You actually get more work with less poundage that way, due to a simple lever mechanics principle

Chocolate is correct. I am of the opinion that lateral raises performed with moderate weight can enhance shoulder stability, balance and joint health but performed heavy with loose form can damage the joint in individuals prone to shoulder injury.

The main difference between the two is that the effective lever arm (see physics 101) is half therefore it looks a little more impressive because you can use a little more weight. So basically it's an ego thing

Steamboat Bill- Lateral raises are less likely to cause shoulder impingement than the exercises you suggested