Lauzon Calls Out Fisher, More *NEW

The following is an excerpt from a new interview with TUF 5's Joe Lauzon: Is there any chance of you becoming a full time fighter?

Joe Lauzon: Maybe when I pay off my student loans... but until then, I don't see it happening. If UFC were to have a 145 division would you fight there or stay at 155?

Joe Lauzon: I was fighting at 145 before and the cut was just too much. I'm happy at 155, wherever it leads me. Is there anyone you are looking to fight, or if you could fight anyone who would it be?

Joe Lauzon: Spencer Fisher. I beat his teammate (Jens), he beat my brother Dan [Lauzon]... it's time we settle things.

It's funny because we interviewed Spencer Fisher earlier this week also, and when asked if there's anyone he wants to fight - he called out Joe Lauzon.

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"Spencer would get PWNED by Lauzon"

you reckon? Lauzon would have his ass handed to him on a platter by Yves Edwards.

Spencer by KO.

Yves Edwards has nothing to do with this.

But since we're on the topic joe choked out mike brown whom beat Yves not to long ago.

again tho, we're not talking about Yves vs. Joe

It's Spencer vs. Joe

Joe by GnP or sub rd. 1

It's good to have goals.

Since this whole thread is about shit that it has nothing to do with... I would love to see a re-match with Mike B and Joe. 2 great fighters I have a ton of respect for. Unfortunately Mike had surgery on his arm and is signed with Bodog.

That being said, thier ois a great storyline behind Joe and Spencer (Being a big bro I can appreciate the hype of the match). Make it happen

J-Lau by sub.

Hybrid, alot of people would like to see a rematch with mike.

Was a great fight the first time and would be the second time around.

"Yves Edwards has nothing to do with this."

My thoughts as well. But with that out of the way...

Fedor over Lauzon, GnP Round 1.

Sorry, Joe.

j-lau made me a fan after watching his fights. From what I've seen, I would put my money on j-lau

i seen the joe and mike b fight and mike was pretty fun to watch and he dont make many mistakes.How ever in that fight he made one and joe got him it would be a tough fight for both of them everytime they fought.I would like to see joe fight BJ cause they both have insane jitz

Spencer for sure.

So, fight results give no indication of who might possibly win a future matchups or anything.. Good call.

And yeah, Joe's a nice person on TUF one of the best so far... That has nothng to do with picking results though.

Fedor over Lauzon, GnP Round 1.


Joe's a tough kid and even though I think that Spencer is somewhat overrated on this forum, I can't see Joe beating him. Spencer has a very solid ground game with good bottom defense and no way Joe is gonna sub him there. I don't think Joe's standup is anywhere near the level of Spencer's at this point either. I know, I know, he beat Jens, but to be honest Jens took him lightly and I don't think he would beat him again either. Joe's a great up and comer though.


pulsar by being an attention whore, and lauzon by flying knee to complete the lauzon/wiman/fisher/lauzon(dan)/jens circle.

Fedor would not make 155.

WTF is the feud between MFS and Lauzons?

Keoni, you have brothers?

dan was controlling spencer pretty well until they stood up. IMO joe finishes the fight on the ground.