After an impressive come from behind victory over Mike Brown a month or so ago, Joe Lauzon was back in impressive fashion, choking Ryan Ciotoli out cold at Combat Zone 9 last night.

A great fight that was pretty even, the first round you could probably give to Ryan, but Joe definetely took the second. The third round was more of Joe who finally ended it with the guillotine. It's more impressive that Joe was able to SPRAWL effectively against such an accomplished wrestler who was invited to the Olympic trials, considering Joe never wrestled.

The kid just keeps getting better. Nobody believes me when I tell him he's only been training for under 3yrs and been fighting for 2.

I think it's time for a big show to pick him up. Joe is 8-0 as a professional in 2004 with impressive victories over Mike Brown, Jerry Mosque, Kyle Sprouse, and now Ryan Ciotoli. 8-0 and all wins by submission or TKO. not a single decision.

*Side Note: Something has to be done about Mass. refs. Joe told the ref that Ryan was out cold, and the ref told him to continue to fighting. So Joe held on for a few more seconds, rolled him over to mount and then just got up. Also, the ref told Joe that had he known he was a grappler he would have stood the match up more, so as not to give Joe the advantage? :) wtf

ttt's appreciated.

who was the ref?

Joe fought very well against a very tough Ryan Ciotoli. Lauzon definitely deserves to go to some other shows outside of Mass to make a bigger name for himself (nationally) and he has also earned himself a bigger paycheck as well. What I like about Joe is that he always looks for the finish. Awesome submission and great performance from the feet to the ground.

That ref is clueless. I even thought Ryan tapped as well, (could be wrong) but either way, anyone with some jiu-jitsu/submission knowledge could see that Ryan had passed out. The ref's comments after the fight, jeez, scary that these are the guys reffing our fights. Although, nothing suprises me anymore.

that ref was Bobby Kimba (sp?), a kickboxing referee

MA had their two worst refs on last night, in Kimba and Gary Eblum - both men have admitted their ignorance to the ground game

you know you're a bad ref when Steve Rita says that you suck

how did Useless do?

don't know what event you're talking about - we are referring to Combat Zone in Mass

oops, my bad. wrong thread

Way to go Joe!!!!!!

Have Kevin ref the fights. He knows his shit up and down.


Please e-mail me at: so we can settle up on the Ives/Lauzon and Fickett/Shukir bets. Thanks,


congrats joe.

"I even thought Ryan tapped as well, (could be wrong) but either way, anyone with some jiu-jitsu/submission knowledge could see that Ryan had passed out." - Kenflo

I thought I MIGHT have felt him tapping my right side, but I didnt know if he was trying to punch bu just tired. I wasnt letting go at that time because I thought he MAY have tapped. The ref said to keep fighting, so I did. I felt Ryan slump into and thats when I started talking to the ref, and he told me I was wrong.

Great fight...

Shaq Daddy

Congrats Joe

joe what belt are you in bjj? another big win, i think you have done all you can on the Mass circuit, time to move on to bigger shows

Thanks everyone

Goku, the shows are sanctioned by the Mass Boxing Commission, so they choose them. Until we have an MMA commission (which doesnt appear to be in sight) we need to work with that we have. The commission as a whole is making an effort to improve, the problem is we dont have enough knowledgeable refs in the pool.

fear the red belt!

how did ficketts fight go?

lol @ the red belt. and joe getting jay in total hold down in a GI. If I remember correctly Jay used to rape Joe in the gi.

Rape is a strong term.... but yeah, I didnt do very well. Stupid gi chokes

In my defense, I think I have only worn the gi maybe 5 or so times.... Jay wore it all the time