Lawsuit Filed Against Joe Schilling & Bar

A lot of keyboard warriors just want fighters to be monks outside of their professional fights. You know because they don’t want their own asses to get beat down lol. 2 men fought boo hoo. You can clearly see the dude in shirt was acting like a bad man and he got a reality check. Some of you nerds don’t like consequences but such is life

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This will end badly for Joe just like it did for that idiot kid Kyle who the OG was worshiping. You cannot with a clear head purposefully engage in a dangerous situation looking for a fight and then claim the other person started it.


Lol you are an impotent child. The only “reality” check will be when Joe sets up his payment plan with the court to cover the debt his insecurity caused him.


Joe said he “feared for his life” lol. That should tell you all you need to know about who’s at fault here


All of Joes Twitter posts and the fact that he premeditated the assault by setting up a camera to film the planned crime will hurt his case. Even if Joe manages to get a good lawyer to throw this out I think he is looking at 50k for legal fees. That is a lot of B level fights


The altercation reminded me a lot of this:

Just leaving this here


I like Joe, but he’s probably gonna have to pay up here


This. I actually like him too but it wasn’t worth it

He should have kicked him in the leg instead. It would have hurt longer and I doubt he would catch a charge for that. I’d even laugh


100 percent. A single leg kick would have hurt more and been a more effective way of teaching somebody a lesson.

100% Joe does this in his next assault over some drunk scrub

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I don’t think you realize what a leg kick from someone like Joe would do to an untrained guy. Could easily tear ligaments, which would require medical treatment that would become Joe’s liability.

Kick to the thigh, he could pull the kick so he didn’t spin him around

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Again, someone like Joe kicks someone who doesn’t train in the thigh there’s a good chance he fucks their knee up.

There are ways to do it without fucking them up, but still hurts like a bitch. I’ve seen it done several times. I just don’t think Joe is the type of guy to care.

Cause he feels threatened!