Leaving Japan Today

really sucks

I got back yesterday. I agree. Japan is awesome. I didn't get to do everything either. I will be back!

wres157 do you speak Japanese?

"I didn't get to do everything either. I will be back!"

I've been 3 times now with my next trip coming up in 2 weeks...and I
still haven't "seen everything" either. I can't get enough of the place

  • Juggs

Juggs is that you? Thanks to your inspiring email, i went to Japan. You were right, it was not all that expensive.

It's very addictive isn't it? I've been twice in 2 years and proposed to my now wife there.

Tried to convince her to go again this year but she reckons we've been there too often now. I think I've convinced her to go back next year though :)

Love Japan!

I can speak very very basic japanese, but it was enough to hang with everyone and joke around.

There's so much to do and I didn't even get a chance to leave Tokyo. Already trying to figure out when I can go back.

Gregor you live in Japan?

wres157, i don't live in Japan, i just got back two days ago from a 10 day visit. I've been wanting to go since i was a little kid and the only thing that stopped me were stories of these crazy prices for everything. Totally not true... It can be reasonably priced.

Now i'm thinking about learning Japanese only i realize it would be a huge commitment especially when you are working full time. I'm not even sure if schools in the area offer classes... Again, i know it would take a lot of time and effort.

I have to say that i fell in love with the culture. So nice and i have been to over ten countries.

Download the pimsleur audio tapes sets 1,2 and 3. From there you can buy a book on kanji, hiragana, and katakana. My friend had kanji flash cards that he would just carry around and study when he had down time.

Yea I really enjoyed my 3 months there and, aside from housing it, wasn't really expensive at all.

I'd like to thank Robert (SILK) for hooking me up and helping me out my first couple weeks around Tokyo.

Thanks to Ryan Bow and all the Yoshida Dojo guys for the memories, and soccer kicks.

^good deal.

Ryan Bow did a great job at DEEP29. I was there.

thanks, he really did...I like to think I had some influence as his corner man/training partner (haha)

do u know if theres a video of the event anywhere up yet?

The event was aired on Samurai TV on friday night. I have a copy of it. I'll see what I can do about ripping it, and putting it up somewhere. Mind you it may take me a long time to do this as I'm very busy at the moment.

Paul that would be awesome, I haven't been able to find a copy anywhere.

no rush, I'm just glad to hear someone has it.

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that was you in his corner?


Hey Paul

what's happened to Robert? Haven't had any luck finding him online.

How are things?


Lol at this thread.

Japan is like that ex-girlfriend I never wanted to break up with.


how was training at yoshida dojo? you joined in the mma classes and the judo classes? do you know if they have beginner classes in judo? i heard they have kids classes there, not sure about for newbee adults. if not i guess ill start at the kodokan.

and for everyone,

what do you like the most about japan? ive been here for 3 yrs now and it would be great to hear a perspective from people that only visit but cant wait to come back.