Lets fight Shannon!

Ok, so, this is old news, but it just resurfaced in my life, so it's time to put it to bed. Ok, so, I ran into an old friend of mine after 3 years, and began training with him. He told me that he's been hearing a nasty rumor from a certain promoter that Shannon Ritch and I had fought in one of his shows, and put on a fake show. When I confronted this mystery promoter, he told me that he didn't say that we had fought in his show, but he had heard the same thing, that when Shannon and I fought, it was fake.

Ok, so heres the deal, The Cannon and I fought back in June 2002 for a great promoter, Hector Molina (not the same as the one mentioned above). The promoter brought an offer to Shannon that if he knocked me out, Shannon would get paid a $1,000 bonus. Shannon then came to me and asked me how badly I needed money, because if I let him "pretend" to knock ME out, he'd split it with me. Well, I've NEVER lost a fight by KO, and I damned sure wasn't going to loss to a fake one. This ain't boxing, and we don't get paid enough to do that shit.

So, in otherwords, i told him that I was going to fight MY fight, and what happened, happened. I knew Shannon was great on the ground, so I was going to fight to keep him off of me as well as I could. Anyway, when we entered the ring, Shannon first jumped up on the ropes, screaming "come get some", and then jumped down and grabbed some kind of strange looking stance. Ok, so, the fight starts, and Shannon actually kicks me in the head with a roundhouse kick, which I have to admit, I NEVER saw coming. Unfortunately, I've been kicked in the head by much harder kickers without getting KO'd like Spratt and Macias, so I was unphased. Well, he shot in right after the kick, and took my down with a rolling knee bar, which I pulled out of, hit him in the side of his skull, and knocked him the fuck out. After the ref pulled me off, i jumped up, and started cursing his limp body, then jumped up on the ropes and told him to wake up and come get some. Let me make this VERY clear, I was PISSED at being kicked, so I was NOT putting on a show.

Well, again, unfortunately, the fight was declared a No-Contest, because there had been a stupid ass rule in place that you couldn't hit to the head if the head was on the mat. That was stupid because it was a Pancrase, no closed fist match; yeah, I KO'd Ritch with palm strikes. So, long story short, yes, the opportunity to throw the fight and put on a show was brought to me, but I didn't. I fought my fought, in MY eyes, and the people there that night, I won. But, I want so badly to fight Ritch again in an NHB type match and lay that "dog" to rest. I have nothing against Cannon, we've even trained together before, and it's not like I'm trying to make any kind of name, but I want to have a clear cut win over him. Ok, that's all;-)


Cedric "Spider Man" Marks!


I remember that fight but ive never heard it was fake.

ttt woooooooooooo

Cedrick, do you live in the midwest? If so, i have an offer for you on july 26th or july 27th on my show "courage fighting Championships" in Decatur, Illinois. my email is sfcchamp135@aol.com jason reinhardt

I was there ringside next to the apron covering the show, I felt the "THUMP, THUMP! THUMP!" through the apron and ring floor of Cedric's strikes slamming hard into Ritch's head and driving it into the ring floor on each shot. Not fake.

The rules here are troublesome to say the least. I'd heard a few folks think it was fake mostly due to how Shannon acted after the fight playing it off like it was planned intentionally to be entertaining, according to a certain promoter.

Hey, ford, I have NO reason to try and "ruin" Cannon's name. I just told the truth, because little rumors like that can grow into big ones. That in turn could cause me to miss some fight opportunities. Arclight, I'm glad that you posted and added that in. I don't usually get upset with an opponent. It probably had more to do with the fact that I took that fight right after graduating Naval bootcamp, and I was picturing Shannon as one of those freakin' Petty Officers;-) Anywho, hey Jason, I was actually going to e-mail you about your event. I was going to be having a re-rematch with Mike Seal on May 30th, but the promoter of that show said that Seal couldn't make the fight, so now I have all these pent up "emotions" ready to get out;-) Anyway, you have mail! Laterz


"Yes, the opportunity to throw a fight was there and put on a show, but I didn`t"

Good Man

Very Interesting



what up barnone, where have you been. what up cedric, are you fighting in hectors next show, i fought when you fought riley..


I guess there's no response from Cannon on this one;-)

ttt one last time.

Onesideded, I guess your name tells it all. Never mind. I can see you're one of those mindless fans who will stand by their man no matter what. I think you misunderstand me though, i have no bad intentions towards your "man", I just want to squash all rumors like this. I only get so many chances to fight because of the Navy, and I'll be danged if I'll let a rumor like this stop promoters from considering me. And that's that, cat!


sounds like a match Hector should put together for the next VTM - aka "The Battle of Boys Town V"

Hey, "Oneside", I guess you must be one of those mindless fans that just like to jump to conclusions. As I said before, I have nothing against Shannon, but I get few chances to fight being in the Navy, and I'll be danged if I let a little stupid rumor like this one stop a promoter from considering me for a fight. There's a few things known about me, but throwing a fight, or putting on a fake one has never been one of them. So, oh mindless one, when Shannon is through "training", let him know that the challenge is out here. Laterz folks


Oh yeah,vlucero, i hope to be in the next show. maybe next time, Galindo will help me train for the right person;-) Hey, I'm just messin' with ya Tony!

I saw your fight against Shannon. He tried to put on a show by jumping up on the ropes and acting like a jackass. Then you beat the living shit out of him and immitated him by jumping on the ropes. Best fight of the night. I was trying to explain to my girlfriend how Shannon loses every fight within the first 2 minutes (this was when he was on a steady 2 year losing streak), and then you showed her exactly how it goes down. She laughed at the idea of someone getting knocked out by a slap.

Hey ray I hope it wasn't mine. LOL. Glad to see you still fighting and promoting the sport.

All I have to say is "Funny how shit gets started"

Hmmm I am fighting in Pride,K-1, all over the usa
and the world, Then out of NO where- I get STUPID challenges...hmmm go figure.

Cedric Marks did in fact fight me, and it was ruled a no contest due to the fact "HITS TO THE BACK of the head" YES I was rocked but not KO'd.

and Ray Elbe- I will fight you anytime anywhere, and for FREE~! Step up bitch.
actually May 28th in Az if you want, $1000 to the winner.

Cedric I am sorry you feel this way-
Best wishes
Shannon "The Cannon"
PS By The way I am 4-0 in my last 4 fights.