Let's get the UFC back!

Hey Guys,I thought I'd do some follow up on what's happening with the UFC on mainevent. Here is some information from one of my inside sources..."I honestly don't know what the possibility is of ever getting the UFC back on TV there. We have tried to deal with Main Event several times, but they are convinced that it will not be successful. That's mainly because they did not market it at all. From what I understand, the live shows they aired did fairly well. It was only when they started airing it taped (their request, not our's) that the numbers started falling. We are pushing for it. It looks like we'll have our DVD's in distribution down there soon. It'll be starting with some of the earlier shows though, like 37.5 or 38 through 41. Then, if those do okay, they're going to do more." The good news is that atleast the DVD's will be heading out this way soon. Keep an eye out for it.What we need to do is show a unified front. We need to hit them with requests to get the UFC back. Let them know that there is a fan/customer base out here for the UFC. Don't be lame and go "yeah I know", do something. Go to the website and let them know. Pass it on to people you know. Lets start a campaign to get the UFC back!http://www.mainevent.com.au/contact.asp"Hey Guys,I'm a huge fan of the UFC. I'm also an Australian Fighter who has fought in the UFC representing Australia. I am disappointed to discover that you guys are no longer going to be carrying this event. This is one of the fastest growing sports out there.I hope that you will take this opportunity to review your decision not to show the UFC. If marketed properly (something that was not done with previous shows) Main Event has the potential to make a lot of money. There are Boxing and Kickboxing fans out there (as well as existing Mixed Martial Arts fans) who love the UFC. Get the UFC back, promote/market it properly and you guys will do wonders.Please let me know what the situation is regarding the UFC and whether you plan to get it back on.Regards,
Elvis Sinosic
Australian Ultimate Fighter"

**Double Post**

Dear Mainevent,

I am writing to urge you to bring back your previous continuing coverage of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) on Main Event.

I think with the correct marketing (read any) that there is a large and growing fan base in Australasia that would support the event by way of PPV buys.

I am personally heavily involved in Mixed Martial Arts, as a coach, trainer and competitor. These UFC style events are growing infinitely around the world and fast becoming the viewing sport of choice amongst many fight fans from other disciplines, boxing and kickboxing for example.

Kind Regards

Gerald Burton-Batty

ps. poetic that the header while I typed this response was advertising 'Bad Blood', the latest installment from WWE!!!

Great stuff Gerald. Maybe we should also point out the cross-over fan base from WWE since they're advertising those at the moment.


This will be my 5th mail to them....And they always repond which is quite good. At least you know someone is reading the mails...
Hopefully we can soon get Pride up too... UFC have lots of crap matches like the Shammy Kimo match...

Hey Elvis are going to fight MMA soon/again?....Would really like to see you in action again kick'n some butt....

Too right Ben....


I've said this before, but I guess it's relevant here again.

The chances of getting the UFC back on Mainevent is very slim IMO.

Here's why:

Firstly, some background on Pay TV in Australia.

Mainevent is owned by Foxtel/Optus/Austar, so you are really dealing with the 3 pay TV operators here in Australia (don't let anyone fool you into thinking it's an independant company)

Of those 3 operators we can pretty much forget about Optus, as their owners, Singtel, don't want to be in the pay TV business (as witnessed by the fact that they are doing next to nothing to compete with Foxtels new digital service ie, they've given up)

Since late last year, all 3 operators changed the way they do things, and basically Foxtel is the big brother, making the content that it buys, and it's satellite platform available to Optus and Austar for their subscribers.

Foxtel rule the "cities" and Austar the regional areas (with a few places like the Gold Coast and Canberra where they both compete)

The last couple of UFC PPV's sold something like 300 buys for Austar, which has a customer base of 420+ thousand subscribers and prior to the tape delayed shows (which were only delayed due to poor timing, the AFL GF and Rugby World Cup quarter or semi final) sold about 1000 buys.

Either way, not a good ratio !

I don't know the Foxtel sales, but they have about 1,000,000 subscribers so you could extrapolate, and add a few extra for the fact they are in the cities, it's still not a lot of sales.

When I have asked the question around here (Austar's National Customer Operations Centre) the short answer is there's no money in it.

If the cost of the shows from Zuffa is the same, I can't see that fact changing.

Let's keep sending emails, I would also add Foxtel and Austar's contact addresses to the list of people to email, but unless we can suddenly make it seem like there has been a huge increase in demand, I don't like our chances.

That said, the new anti-piracy measures have since come into play, so if there were as many people stealing the PPV as there were buying it, numbers may increase by default if they decide to show it again.

The other thing to consider is that right now, the focus is on the new digital product, and all the "cool" stuff that comes with it (I'm sure you've all seen the ads by now) so the chance of getting a product manager to actually stop and listen is pretty slim.

Fingers crossed...


"Dear Main Event,

Please note that i fully support your position to not continue showing the UFC events, as they are not profitable at all. Please note that i understand that you have been receiving emails from various people requesting that they return. These emails are all from the same person claiming to be various different people from different email accounts. Therefore you have only received one request for the return of these shows, hadly worth considering i say.

Thanks You

Content Shareholder"

Good Morning ,

I am disappointed to notice that you have dropped the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship ) on Foxtel PPV. I am a long time subscriber and purchased every UFC as you would be able to see . MMA is a fast growing sport and has taken off in America , Japan & the UK . Australia is usually right behind these countries in its viewing nature .

I have a feeling the disappointing numbers of PPV purchases when you had the previous UFC's on were due to it not being live . The results can be found out on the internet easily so it being shown live is a huge factor in its success . Given time I have no doubt the fanbase for MMA will grow and prove extremely profitable for you as well as pleasing fans like me .

Please reconsider you decision and give it a chance with the correct marketing .

Thanks for taking the time to listen .


Aaron Wilson
Michael Wilson - Diamond Jewellers

I know its a bit wanky putting my company detials in , but I wanted them to know the UFC has a wide range of fans from different backgrounds .

The "live" aspect is also a bit of a pain, given that it means a live event is shown on a Saturday afternoon.

Perhaps not the best time for PPV event, especially on a nice summer day.

Maybe a slight delay, to air in the early evening would be better, and lend itself to more sales ?


tank ,

It used to be shown live at around 2pm then repeated at 6pm ( I think) which was a good arrangement

Aaron, good point. That is the case with most of the PPV events (except Jerry Springer, they didn't repeat his last Uncut PPV and I missed it - Damn !)


Hi Gerald,

Thanks for your feedback, we'll pass it on to our Management.

Kind regards,

Main Event Television

C'mon guys, with only half a dozen messages they're not going to care. We need to send them LOTS. Get your friends and training partners to help as well.


Hi Elvis,

Thanks for your email – we are aware of who you are & we appreciate you taking the time to write to us.

We do understand the disappointment of the core group of UFC fans in Oz that are missing out on seeing the events live – sadly though by the last event we showed there really were not very many subscribers at all, certainly not enough to cover the costs that are associated with broadcasting live events. Unfortunately our Management decided that they would not show UFC for the time being – having said that it's not to say that it will never return.

Kind regards,

Main Event Television

What about if they just play the UFC show on FOX8 like they did last time. It was great and it may spark enough interest in the PPVs.

Steve G

Email them and make that suggestion. The only way you'll know is if you email them. They seem to be very good and prompt at getting back to people with actually individual answers, not just mass email answers.

"Thanks Elvis. We'll forward your comments to our Management as well for their consideration.


Main Event Television"


save yourself the hassle just come to New Zealand for the weekend everytime a UFC is on, we get them on PPV.

Hit the Foxtel and Austar people as well.

Not sure about Foxtel (couldn't find it on their website) but Austar's email address is "ask@austar.com.au"



You should teach them a lesson by not buying the next "Cheaters Uncut" PPV !!

That'll show them...