Let's settle this. Rampage/Randy

I say Rampage is a better fighter AND he should be ranked higher (no. 2 IMO) then Couture.

Some people disagree. Let's settle this here and now.

1. Who's a better fighter?

2. Who should be ranked higher?

The Natural

randy should be ranked higher because of his recent accomplishments but rampage is the better fighter and would win by sprawl and brawl if they ever fought.

After looking at their records....

1. Rampage. Youth, equally good wrestler, and better striker.

2. Rampage. Look at their records. Randy has championships to his name, but both have fought equally tough competition, which is more important for rankings IMO.

Randy is a far better wrestler and too good in the clinch plus he beat tito who beat silva who beat rampage case closed

rampage lost to the last top 5 guy he fought

randy beat the last 2 top 5 guys he fought

randy should be ranked higher, even tho rampage would win a war if they fought.

youth doesn't have anything to do with rankings.

Rampage's recent record:Win Ikuhisa Minowa Loss Wanderlei Silva Win Chuck Liddell Win Murilo Bustamante Win Mikhail Illoukhine Win Kevin Randleman Win Igor Vovchanchyn Randy's recent record:Loss Vitor Belfort Win Tito Ortiz Win Chuck Liddell Loss Ricco Rodriguez Loss Josh Barnett Win Pedro Rizzo (2x)Loss Valentijn Overeem

I really like Quinton, but I have to go with Capt. America in this one.

randy's HW fights should not count as much towards his LHW ranking... and the busta fight was close. the determining factor is that randy beat ortiz, who beat silva, who beat rampage.

1. Randy 2. Randy

Tito never beat Rampage, so how does that affect ranking (assuming the A/B/C theory has any validity to it anyways).

Most people will take Rampage over Tito in a fight these days anyway.

A/B/C stuff has validity for ranking purposes. it does not have validity for predicting the outcomes of fights, however. and wasn't the overeem fight in rings? no punching on the ground? randy's forte?

Why are you even arguing this?

Randy is by far the better wrestler. Randy should be ranked higher because of his recent wins and his overall career opponents have all been top notch.

As far as the better fighter, opinions will vary. I think Randy is the better all-around fighter but I think Rampage would beat him for some reason if they fought.

Randy would win this, IMO.

...so by the a/b/c logic, lindland should be able to beat himself...which he did with a beautiful slam at UFC MeltdownLOL, that settles it!Well, Couture beat Rizzo, who beat Barnett, who beat Couture, so anyday we're going to see Couture KO himself.


Why the hell does JimmyMcgimmik think that the fact that a younger more aggresive Tito kicked a younger less experienced Vanderlei Silva who on the top of his skills kneed Rampage to the TKO ..would settle the fight?


Ahlden, can you read? i said it matters for rankings, not for predicting the outcome of a fight between the two.

Rampage would gas against Randy...