Levo's Guard Instructionals

Levo, if your reading this you have no idea how you have just elevated my guard game.

First of all I've been training for almost 3 years on and off and according to my classmates I have a pretty good guard. Second, I'm not going to give a blow by blow description of Levo's tapes (I'm too lazy and I want to watch them again and again and again). To me the part that really helped me out was the section on grips, breaking posture and setting up for a submission or sweep. If you want to boost your no gi guard (and gi) you definately need this set. Oh yeah, I have other no gi submission grappling instructionals by top name ADCC champions and none of them get into this much detail on the guard. Don't waste your money get Levo's set.

Isn't he that guy from SFUK?

That he is!

I really like the section on grips(overhook, underhook, head hook).

I hope Levo finishes his "GU02: Advanced Guard" DVD Tape ASAP!

whiskey9, thank you very much for your kind comments. Would you mind if I added them to my site (every bit helps!)?

- "Isn't he that guy from SFUK?"

Yep, I help out on there because SFUK has been important to the UK scene and was started by a friend.

- "I hope Levo finishes his "GU02: Advanced Guard" DVD Tape ASAP!"

Not even started it. Being very lazy at the moment. An email from jonpall just gave me some cool ideas about what I might include on it though!


I have both Bolo's intermediate closed guard, and Modeiras' closed guard DVD. Can anyone who's seen those two and Levo's tape give me a compare/contrast? What would it touch on that the others don't?

Where can I order Levo's guard tapes?

rene.r, I have Michael Jen's complete guard set and that is an awesome set. I almost didn't order Levo's because I have Jen's. What a mistake that would have been. The big difference to me and what has dramatically improved my guard game and way of thinking is the section on grips and breaking posture. I have done these grips before but never knew where to go once I got there. If you grapple no gi then I'm sure you have done these grips also (head hook, under hook, over hook etc) What Levo did in his set is show me where to go once you get that grip. The gi guard and the no gi guard, to me, are two different animals mainly because you don't have a collar, sleeve etc. The way Levo uses these grips and body positioning, the techniques from each grip, and the way he flows from one grip to another or one technique to another is simply brilliant! I've been working one technique, the triangle from the head hook and all I can say is why didn't I learn this from my instructors. Anyway, like I said if you have the money and are serious about improving your no gi guard get Levo's set. You won't be sorry.

Levo, you can add this one too if you like.

"Where can I order Levo's guard tapes?"


The shipping is fast.

tobad they dont come in dvd, or do they?

put your guard tape on dvd dude.

a) guys don't feed the ego lol

b) as for the dvd arguement, we've been over this before lol

try, try, and try again

huh? that aimed at me?

lol no I meant by trying to get Levo to put his stuff on dvd

Thanks! It's amazing how the quality videos are coming from Jen, Harris, Kesting, Levo, etc. (non-Brazilians, sometimes non black belts).

The establishment should be afraid enough to start developing a work ethic :)

"The establishment should be afraid enough to start developing a work ethic :)"

Sweet... free enterprise at it's best!

he will put them on dvd at some point but as i have previously said:

the tapes are sold for $65 including shipping, which in £ sterling equates to around £41. They are sold in the UK for £35 including shipping. Obviously shipping overseas is far more expensive so the $10 increase is perfectly reasonable imo.

With regards to the DVDs, that is a pretty big financial risk in my opinion. Everyone says i'll buy them if you put them on DVD and never do, just ask the CageWarriors promotor who ended up giving away his dvds to anyone to paid the post and packaging.

Yes DVDS are the way of the future, but considering the extra production costs in producing them, especially without a regualr market i don't know just how viable of an option it really is"

to which nathan replied:

"Da Specimen's comments on the risks of doing DVD are bang on. I will do it, it's the way of the future. However, it'll take all my savings so is a major gamble. If the people who say they will buy it don't I'll be fucked.
Roy Harris recently posted that "I have not yet broke even on the BJJ 101 DVD's that I made over one year ago. While it's a great product for the consumer, replicating mass quantities of DVD's is still an expensive endeavour for those of us who do not have large sums of money to be able to pay for and stock several thousand DVD's." so I hope you can understand why it's gonna take time for someone like me who doesn't even have his resources."

It will happen, just be patient.

Da Spec - coming to a levo production near you soon :-p

Cool, that definitely explains a lot.

There are less expensive ways on going about converting to dvd. Get someone to convert it to dvd (easy process for a knowledgable person) and make dvd-rs at home (with a reasonably good computer). Most Instructionals are dvd-r and no one seems to have a problem with it. I know I wouldn't mind.

thats been answered too:

comedian wrote:

"I'm not joking about DVD-R. In business it's called:
"build to order"

And you can do it easily using DVD-R.

Forget all the negative hoopla surrounding DVD-R. They play fine on my stuff.

So everytime an order comes in, pop a DVD into the computer press the "burn" button and in 10 minutes or so comeback and mail the sucker off."

and Nathans reply was:

"- "I'm not joking about DVD-R."

There's been so much negative press on people releasing DVD-Rs I'm not willing to take the gamble. Also, if I get problems with my PC (which I guarantee would happen during the biggest run of orders) I'd be in the shit. Thanks for the idea though."

It works for island, but they're a pretty big company and am sure they have some serious finacial clout. Nathan doesnt.