Lewis agrees to rematch Klitschko

"Lewis is that much better than the HW's that you've got to expect arrogance."

He was talking shit about Klitschko not having heart before they fought, then he proceeds to get beat around the ring for the majority of their fight. He caused a nasty cut from a glancing blow and talked all sorts of bullshit after the fight was over. His prefight comments about Vitali not having heart were enough for me to stop liking him, especially when you take into consideration how pissed Vitali was when they stopped the fight.

There was a time when I liked Lennox, not anymore, he needs to get the fuck over himself and realize that he's no Ali.

Cool Divac, I respect that.

Lewis will get KO'ed in 3

I wish, but there's no way he won't train right for the rematch.

R5 Lewis by KO


ttt for this fight

27 MILLION??!?!!

holy shit... for that much i'd let everyone line up and take shots at me with a bat...

wow... i sincerely hope that one day the professional athletes involved in MMA are shown this kind of respect and receive these kinds of rewards for the effort and dedication they put into it...

Lewis always wins his rematches... Lewis wins by beat down, retire a wealthy man.

huge fan of the brothers but I concur

if lewis is focused hes the best heavyweight ever

this fight ain't generating 27 million for Lewis. that's bullshit.

April 2004

"I hope the Klischkos end up in K-1 one day"

Congrats on having what is possible the DUMBEST POST EVER!! The 2 Klits get 10X more money in ONE FIGHT than ALL THE FIGHTERS on an ENTIRE K-1 CARD!! Talk about having delusions of granduer on K-1 actually being LEGIT, & having fighters other than washed up boxers with NO CHINS!

Is Lewis really that great in rematches? I think the
only time I heard some dispute this was on the boxing
forum. Cant remember who it was, but I agree. look at
his rematches. Against McCall who was having a nervous
breakdown and is not a great fighter he was extremely
cautious and would not go in for the kill. Against
Holyfield the rematch was closer than the original
with some people thinking that Holyfield won. He was
impressive against Rahman , but let's face it , he
should have done that the first time. Anybody care to
dispute this?

"I heard on another forum that Lewis is gay. Has anyone else heard this rumor? i'm being serious."

I hope his girlfriend(the former Miss Jamaica contestant) doesnt hear that rumor. Lennox may be in big trouble.

TTT for Internet rumors

P.S. Lennox only sparred a couple of rounds with a bigger guy to prepare for Klitschko the first time. I expect both guys to perform better the second time around now that Vitali is working with Freddie Roach and if Lennox takes this seriously(which he probably will).

According to the Sun newspaper, Lewis was offered 15 million pounds which is about 27 million dollars.


What's up with these gay references to Lewis? I think all these gays are the ones that start these rumors.

I predict Lewis will train right this time around
and KO Klitschko (sp) by the 7th. Lewis learned
alot from the first fight.



"Some of you need to get a clue. First, Lewis WAS in shape for their first fight. Quote from Manny Steward "Lewis was in great shape, that was not the problem"."

Get your eyes checked, I don't give a fuck what Steward wants to say, it was clear to anyone who can see straight that Lewis was NOT in his top shape. lol