LFC 4 Results

Sam Becktell WTKO2 JB Houston (Amateur)

Darrin Palmer WTKO1 Michael Cooper (Amateur)

Neal Hatten WTKO 1 Thomas Swimm (Amateur)

Paul Adams WSUB 1 Wade Markland (Pro)

Jeremy Wingler WTKO1 Chris Higi (Pro)

Davion Peterson WTKO1 Jerry Spiegel (Pro)

Chris Price WTKO1 Mike Merriman (Pro)

Johnny Rees WTKO2 Brian Clampitt (Pro)

Jake O'Brien WTKO1 Jonathon Ivey (Pro)

Joao Herdy WDEC3 Dan Swift (Herdy wins LFC 145 lb. title)

The best fight card we put on so far. Almost every bout was back and forth.

Jerry Spiegel is a beast. He took a knee to the head that stopped him, from Davion Peterson that I don't know any regular human being who would have got up from. The referee stopped it rightfully so, but Jerry put up a game effort, and is a class act. Any promoter who can use him on show should do so.

Thanks to Jon Ivey and Mike Merriman, both put up great efforts.

Dan Swift as always put up a great effort in one of the best fights of the night against Joao Herdy.

Thanks to eveyryone who came out.

TTT, good luck in the future as well!


ha ha ha ha told you IVY ha ha ha ha ha

ttt for puttin on a good show

Jerry is on a roll!!! Did he weigh in with a beer in his hand?

It was an awesome show. Ended up turning several hundred people away after the sell-out.

Keith did an awesome job match-making.

The LFC KNOCKOUTS were hot as hell.

We had Marco in (radio personality from 93.1 RADIO NOW) and Fat Mikey and they were also super.


I almost wanna lie and tell fighters to stay away from the LFC shows so there will always be room for me.But the guys there were to good to me.Almost celeberty status and Im a guy with a bad record that just loves the sport.They really couldent of treated me better.they asked me constintly if i wanted anything and were right there to provide.Im serious I had a driver form the time i got there until i left NUF SAID.Thanks scott keith and Ox.and ghetto blaster and tom for providing entertainment all night friday.And chris should have a camera on his life all the time.Unbelieveable.Who reads muscle mags all night.Im posting this on another thread.

Next LFC is February 24th.....with a big show coming up after that.

WHere was this held?

8 sec salloon.actually a great venue.no bad seats

Real joker where you at on this one?

Great show. Congrats to all that won. Mike Merriman looked very game in his first fight. Ivey actually came in looking fit and trim and ready to fight. O'Brien just outmuscled him. Speigel is a tough SOB. D. Palmer looked Great, and so did Jeremy Wingler.

Keith, when you get a moment, could you e-mail me at gary@mmaranks.com ?

Hi Gary...just sent the email.


Jerry is a crazy bastard

Let's not forget about the hot "Knockout Girls".

Or the great referees for that matter (especially the second one). :)

I will be in the house the 24th !

mouth the could use you.i was trying to figure out what was missing.

Tell ya What.....SPIEGEL is friggin' awesome.

Loved the SNEAK A CONDOM in the MARRIED PROMOTERS POCKET trick at the after party. Had you not told me - I would have been in some real sh*t when I got home.

This show was awesome!

u and I are a great team Jerry.... the girls never saw the roofies coming.