Lil' Evil Appreciation Thread

Just wanted to formally say that I have always been a huge fan of Jens Pulver and think he is one of the best fighters, ambassadors and (now) trainers in the sport.

Jens is gracious in victory and defeat and always shows his best. I wish more professional athletes composed themselves like Jens and wish him all the best in the future.




on that train, cant wait to see Jens at 145!!!


nice guy with class and humility. We need more athletes like Jens.


I've been a huge Jens fan ever since his post fight interview with Uno. Total class and one hell of a comentator.


Never been a Jens fan before the show, but he has become my favorite with out a doubt.


Never been a big fight fan of his but I always admired everything he has over come in life and the fight world, he has earned everything he has got the old fashioned working hard and earning it. The class he showed last night after his loss was unprecedented.

Also, I felt very happy for him when he received his new decked out Mustange from the UFC. Check it out on He said something like it's the nicest thing he ever received.

Geez, maybe I am a fan of his after all.


Jens is good for the sport and he's a great human being. I hope he continues to fight and be an inspiration to many of us.


Great job, Jens.

I have always been a BJ fan but after watching him on TUF I became a fan
of Jens as well.

It sounds like he has gone through a lot inlife and it obviously has made
him stronger.

Great fight yesterday.


ttt 4 Jens


that post fight speech demonstrates the man has been a champion, ttt

Great man and a great fighter.